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  1. My guess is I'll have to start over cause I don't have a forge to heat the blade and I will have to make a handle out of wood and make the crossguard. I had thought I could make a generic sword with a stainless steel pvc pipe wrapped with leather as a handle, and weld the blade on top of that.
  2. I was planning on putting it on my wall and not swinging it at all. I'll try that. Thanks.
  3. I wasn't using it for anything. I bought from a store in my local mall and noticed the blade came out about a month later and asked the guy if he knew how to fix it. He said he didn't know and I didn't have my receipt so I couldn't return it. I'm still learning about swordmaking and stuff. If I drill a hole through the handle, it will be noticeable.
  4. Pin it with what lol? My other katana is definetly not a wall hanger lol and I prefer the above one cause it's exactly from the series. I was debating to get a new one.
  5. This is how the sword looks at the moment. I've tried glue but that doesn't stick. I hope this turns out.
  6. I have a replica of the sword of duncan macleod from the Highlander the tv series and I've had issues with the blade staying inside the handle. It's not a typical handle and I've tried glue but it doesn't seem too stick for long. Any ideas?
  7. This is a starter sword. After this one is complete I'm going to make the one after that in greater detail. Only problem is I don't have a forge.
  8. My issue right now is the cross guard.
  9. The blade is about 2 feet long and the handle will be big enough for two hands. Yeah I think it is more of a hand and a half.
  10. I want leather wrapping for sure. I want the handle to be long enough to carry with two hands but easy to hold with one. I feel kinda dumb asking but what's a fLAMBErge?
  11. I'm attempting to make my first sword and I'm not sure about what to make the handle out of. A typical sword handle is made out of wood but I'm not sure how thick it should be and if it'll be strong enough. Can someone(s) lend me some advice? The blade is almost two feet long and the handle I was planning on having it be about 9 inches long but that be changed.
  12. Nice sword man. I love viking swords. I just started mine and I was prigonally going with a steel handle with leather around it but now I'm thinking a wooden handle would be sufficient.
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