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  1. Can you please share your (now missing) photos on how you make your forged skulls?  It's a project I want to start work on.




  2. Nope but I had some for a 800 lb. Niles Bement until IFI lost them I would be glad to twist your arm though if need be!
  3. I've used my shaper to make some, not a bad low cost solution if you have the time. Here is one of the best how to foundations - '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> I've seen a lot of guys just raise them on some channel with heavy plate under as well but I'm not a fan of this method.
  4. Wow, looks like some work! Defiantly need to get the tup smoothed up or it will just eat your seals. Not sure how much you may be able to take it down but you may be able to make the mate lager to accommodate the loss. When I rebuilt my steam hammer we took a 1/4" overall off the piston rod, packing did the rest. Brazing cast should be fine, some use splints to reinforce the area, try and be gentle with her...
  5. You could upload some pics and ask the questions here, someone may be able to advise.
  6. I was contacted about a 500 in a field north of Albany NY, it might still be there.
  7. http://www.sbaconference.com May 13-17 2015 Demonstrators- Peter Ross, Michael Dillon, Jason Knight Hope to see you there!
  8. David is a good friend and great smith, we will be demonstrating together at the 2015 Southeastern Blacksmith conference in May. Enjoy!
  9. A bit of vid for ya! Even with the 12" decrease in stroke (6" for the hat dies and 6" material) we were able to knock them down in a few heats. http://dillonsculpture.tumblr.com/post/106060265305/overtime-in-santas-workshop
  10. Welcome to the 1/4 ton club Tim, I'm with Patrick lets see them pics! Patrick, when I built the jackshaft for mine I found there is a sweet spot for the upper pulley position to get the right amount of slip on the belt. You may want to have a bit of wiggle room in the system to get her rolling just right.
  11. Sweet! Your not messing about, can't wait to see it in action! I have never been able to get mine up to full speed with the stroke all the way open because of my undersized motor. Man I swear that 300 looks just as big as the 500? What did you use behind and under the anvil?
  12. Looks like a great hammer, congratulations! I like the Murco tag, nice nick name.
  13. Interesting I wonder if they referred to Scott Forge making the tool steel dies for this hammer? This set up is like Kens hammers, connecting the ram to the motion valve on the top through the linkages. He may have more research on this type of system than most. Most American made hammers use the sword to connect to the motion valve. I think Iron Woody big Aussi hammer has a similar set up as well. This would be a great hammer to put back in production!
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