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  1. i love that blade! overall its a beauty!
  2. excellent work! that is very impressive!
  3. this will definitely give you some practice on your shaping and forming of bevels, and maybe draw filing ( if thats the route your going) However i wouldnt spend a lot of time with the finish work such as polishing, guard, pommel. ect. ect. If you dont know that youll be able to harden and temper the blade. you might want to spark test the metal to see if you have an acceptable metal to heat treat.
  4. There's a guy on you tube who had a jig to make the bevels with a file. I made one and it works great.
  5. Dang. I love that blade!
  6. Wow. That's excellent for a first!
  7. Sorry, I didn't take close ups of the blades before delivery to the customer. Yes, the pommels are screwed onto the tang. I tried my hand at casting brass pommels but failed miserably. I need more practice. Haha
  8. Here are two knives i completed for a customer. 12" 5160 blade on the larger one with brass accents and ebony and iron wood handles.
  9. I started with rr spikes for knife making. it taught me a lot about how to work the steel. I would say continue what makes YOU happy and will continue to further your skills. I dont care how long you have been smithing, there's always something new to learn.
  10. Oops. Looks like I found a couple of places in albuquerque.
  11. The motor on my grizzly lathe suddenly stopped. I guess it was its time to go since I'm the third owner of this lathe. Does anyone know of a place where I can mail the electric motor to be repaired. Either in new Mexico or elsewhere??
  12. I think you just click on the pic. or right click, save and view on your computer.
  13. I made this blade last winter, I found it last week covered in rust. I decided to bring it back to life. I used white tail antler for the handle and the guard. I also forged a ring which is pinned and glued to the handle. The blade was made from a farriers rasp. Thanks for looking.
  14. It might be the odd shape of the antler that makes it look that way. if that's the photo youre talking about.
  15. Its been a while since ive posted or even made anything new. standing next to a forge in 95 degree heat in a small workshop was just too much. However cooling temperatures and a renewed interest in making new knives has bit me. here are a couple of new projects. The first is a 6" blade made from an old worn Nicholson file. File work on the spine and an iron wood handle with brass pins. the second is a hand forged 8" knife. Forged from 5160 with a file worked spine leading up to a "pig tail" and white tail antler scales affixed with brass pin and lariat loop.
  16. My father passed today. May he finally rest. Love you pops.
  17. Nice. You can use a 4x36 belt sander to grind knives too. They're a bit cheaper than a 2x72 ,unless you build one yourself.
  18. Looks good! I made one like that yesterday and sold it the same day!
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