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    married 2 kids, greatgrandfather was a blacksmith
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  1. Blue Goose

    Yes the head and neck were made from 1 3/4 in solid bar. The body and wings are hammered and shaped cold then welded together. Started with the head and tried to make the rest in proportion. It is not quite life size but the anvil is a 209 lb Hay Budden. The guy wanted a flock of 4 or 5 mounted on the side of his house. He lives by a lake and and is friends with a guy that has been buying fish sculptures I've made. Who now wants a large snapping turtle to go with the fish. Looking forward to get started on it
  2. Blue Goose

    It's been awhile since I've posted. I had a guy come by the shop a while back asked if I could make a Canadian Goose. I can now say yes, yes I can
  3. First rose

    Time well spent. looks great.
  4. Watching that should silence all of those who can't find the right style anvil and hammer. I'll bet none of the guys in the video have access to this website and all the info contained here. So no more excuses get out here and forge something.
  5. Hey everyone. It's been a long time since I've posted. I've been out of the shop for almost a year with two bad discs in my lower back. Finally got bad enough I had to have my back surgically fused. It was a long recovery but now I feel great and am back at it. This is my first sculpture in over a 16 months. I did this piece for a client that has bought several fish sculptures in the past. He stopped by the other night and ask if I could make him a large mouth bass. This is the results. A bass that is 26 in long chasing a bluegill. There is also a frog jumping of one of the lily pads.
  6. Just for kicks 'n giggles.

    If I remember correctly the metal used to make US coins is blast welded.
  7. Pictures of power Hammers

    Here is a of mine haven't been able to find a maker no markings has a 25 lb head.
  8. Eagle sculpture of copper

    Totally awsome work there. Love it
  9. 2 propane tanks?

    I had the same problem switched to 100 lb bottle problem solved. Filling a 100 lb cost about the same as 4 of the 20 lb bottles.
  10. I put my propane forge on a mobile stand so I can wheel it out side the shop door when it's hot. It means a longer walk to the anvil. but it's hot so still have enough heat to work the steel. 18 degrees below zero windchill this morning here in Nebraska so running the forge inside is great this time of year.
  11. Some of my art

    Very nice work
  12. What Can I Do With This

    I don't think that's a splitting mall. Looks more like hot cutter. It would have a handle and would be struck with an other hammer to cut or split hot steel.
  13. Advice for buying a 180lb Peter Wright Anvil

    looks like a good anvil, price not too bad. Do your hammer and ball bearing test if it checks out, offer $400 cash go the extra 50 if you have to. then take it home and use it.
  14. A lot of mine comes from this web site. Seeing all the things other smiths are doing inspires me to give new things a try while adding my own twist to things. I also get a lot of inspiration from nature.
  15. A picture might help a little.