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  1. Very nice knife Das. I think you just inspired me to try a cable knife. I've got plenty of cable and now have the inspiration.
  2. Daswulf, I had a miter saw but a friend gave me another one he didn't use anymore. So I took it home, cleaned it up and got some 10" metal cutting blades, now I have a metal chop saw. It does real good for my needs and I saved a bunch on the purchase of a new chop saw.......
  3. I certainly would be proud of this knife. Looks good.........
  4. crossdawg

    Camp knife

    Made a nice little knife out of that little piece of steel. Very durable and clean lines......
  5. That is a nice knife. Especially with a mirror finish. GOOD JOB.
  6. That is one pretty knife. Everything is just right and the sheath is perfect as well. Fine craftsman ship.
  7. Excellent looking. I like it very much!
  8. I like it. Very rustic..............
  9. Really nice knives.. Love them...........
  10. Willow, That is/was a good question. And am also glad you asked it. I find in general that blacksmiths are very creative as well as very insightful. I don't know why you asked it, but you got some excellent answers. Most all of these people are artists in some way and very human in their thoughts and actions. I can identify with what is being said here and am proud to be associated with this fine group of persons. I can only hope you can find your zen in this craft as well.
  11. That is really impressive work. Well done........
  12. That is one great looking knife. I imagine it will do a lot of work for you and last your life time.