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  1. Research ductile iron and it's properties a bit more. It's a very good read and will answer all your questions. Look at my review on the TFS smithy special!
  2. Here's one project I made. Tripod campfire kettle holder, and of course that beastly beauty sitting atop her throne. The Trenton beside her is about 145lb without the horn.
  3. Ok finally I have arrived with a full review of the TFS smithy special 300lber!! Better late than never, after a nasty surgery and a divorce later I finally am back on the anvil!! Lol! I'll break it up into several sections, and if you have any questions gentlemen please feel free to just ask! 1. Shipping was absolutely free! If you have a farrier supply place any where near you, have them order it for you on there next big shipment! It was delivered way faster than I anticipated. TFS was more than helpful and so was Natures Farm farrier supply here in Norman Oklahoma, helpful and knowledga
  4. I always love when an axe head that pretty is complemented by a handle of equal beauty. Nice job sir.
  5. I really like the way you did the petals. Very impressive.
  6. Wow that sounds cool! I will definitely have to go to one soon.
  7. Man those are sharp. Pun intended.
  8. Those all look pretty awesome. They look kinda wizardly,zombie apocalyptic,mean, and artful at the same time lol. I really liked the one with the super shinny ball at the end. That second machete is huge! More like a giant meat cleaver/ machete. I really like the wavy twists you've put in those handles. All around cool stuff.
  9. Hahaha. I really like that article. I always hated the myth about katanas being the best sword period. Best sword for what? Each sword has a perpose.
  10. Hey it definitely looks the part. Now all you need is some clean up and a handle piece. What did you have in mind for sheath/handle? Are you going to try a hammon on this? Is this after quenching? Or did you just forge the bend(sori) into it?
  11. That's really cool. I like how you used a piece of antler for the hand guard.
  12. You take such awesome photos. They look so professional! That anvil looks monstrous. Congratulations!!
  13. Amazing! How did you get the finish so vibrant?
  14. I finally got ahold of some good quality and properly sized copper. I have been working mostly with mild steels, and a few mid to high carbons 4140,5160,1090,etc and decided I wanted to step into the bronze, brass, copper world. I must say copper is a joy to work with, and it keeps its heat very well. I forged 2 copper rings. The first is a leaf, and the second is a failed penny scroll. I need to work on making the fail point a bit smaller and make sure it's plenty hot at that junction as well. I didn't do any polishing I just soaked in red wine vinegar, scrubbed with a cloth and brush then re
  15. I don't really believe they would purposely put a small tang on a blade so it would brake when thrown for the only purpose of not being able to throw it back. If they were as primitive as you say I doubt they would waste all the months and months it took to gather the raw metal to actually get some type of billet made, then spend countless hours forging it. To only have a 1 shot weapon. But I think you did pretty well getting its basic shape down. Hammer control is a hard beast to tame. I'll forever be working on mine lol. What type of wood did you use for this time period accurate piece? Is i
  16. Glad the thread came back! Beautiful stuff. Add to the to do list. That owl is insane!
  17. I liked the original myself
  18. That's a good idea Thomas. A good piece of sucker rod would be pretty good.
  19. Have fun heat treating that long of a piece too. You might find a local business that does heat treating. Sounds like fun though. I really like the idea. I'd also try to make it as smooth as possible. That metal will give him some serious blisters just from a little use. Even perfectly ground down it will. What about some nice leather wraps at different intervals along the piece? That might help his hands.
  20. Hahahaha very true. I just set it there for size comparison. I wish I could just leave work now to to start cutting and welding the stand ahhhhh it's driving me crazy lol.
  21. I just can't wait till the stands fabricated to post it. I just got my 300 pound smithy special in yesterday. Boy is she beautiful. The rebound is way better than I thought it was going to be. Shot the hammer right back at me and that's it not even put on a proper stand. I can't wait to make beautiful things on this baby. I will give a full review on how she performs for people looking at buying a TFS smithy special.
  22. This actually had my attention for a very long time. I'd suggest trying it out if money is the primary issue. http://zoellerforge.com/firebrickforge.html
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