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Happy Birthday Brian Brazeal


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Brian “Happy Birthday”
I have heard one definition of “what luck is” that made good sense to me.
Luck = “When preparation meets opportunity”.

Sadly; many times I have seen people who are un-prepared try to take advantage of opportunity when it appears, and then loose the possibility of advancement in life simply because they had not taken the effort to prepare themselves.
Many times there is no opportunity for a person to prepare themselves.

There is a price to pay prior to entering into the theater of success. And that price is called “Preparation”

Train ~ Fight ~ Win.
Many times I have seen fighters who have not prepared themselves in advance for a fight. The results have a very highly “predictable outcome”.
“Don’t Train ~ Fight ~ Loose”.

I say all of the above in order to honor a special man on his birthday.

When Brian was born, it could arguably be said that it was the same thing as saying that the “birth of opportunity” that he now provides to us was also born.
Because Brian has birthdays, we are all able to benefit from Brains efforts of preparation if we will only do it!

Happy Birthday Brian!
Thank you for all that you bring to the table of forging!
Ted Throckmorton

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Have you rehandled your flatter. You know, the one you robbed the handle out of to put in my hammer! :D I've found a couple pieces of maple to put in the 2 hot cutters, got them sharpened and found that I REALLY need to invest in a 2" x ?? belt sander/grinder. I have a small table top 1" with the 6"disc sander on the side and I also have an old Rockwell 6" x 48" belt sander. Got them sharpened and they look nice but....

Sounds like just the kind of birthday we all would like! having fun at the forge with good friends! Again, Happy Birthday!

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