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  1. Jeff Seelye

    Locking nuts

    I have seen both nuts and bolts drilled and a wire attached as well as bolts drilled and Castle Nuts used.
  2. Wow, I had to Google "Xeriscaping" Never had that problem before! It's either Snowing or green here.
  3. Jeff Seelye

    Coal won't start ??? Suggestions

    Jim, best thing I can think of is to put 2 pieces of coal in your pocket and by the time you land in Fla. they should be warm enough to light. "Flying out on Monday" Sheesh, Come back and watch us thaw out in the spring!
  4. Jeff Seelye

    Christmas Ornaments

    check the avatar, we made these from the MABA Nov Dec 2012 magazine
  5. As always, Nice job Jim!
  6. Jeff Seelye

    Box Hardware Inspiration

  7. Jeff Seelye

    Forging hooks with tongs

    Thank you Frank T. for the tong idea. I have some offset ones but I like that idea!
  8. Jeff Seelye

    Aspiring blacksmith in Mid-Michigan

    Hi Enoch, Welcome! Jim Coke (above) has good advise here, MABA is very helpful and well worth joining,also the Woldumar Nature Center has a blacksmith group. If you need info on either of these, PM me. I'm not on here every day, but I try and keep up. Again welcome!
  9. Jeff Seelye

    Fun forgings

    I like the design on the Chef's Knife
  10. Jeff Seelye

    cool pic of my basket twist

    Would be a cool Avatar too!
  11. Jeff Seelye

    Horseshoe hearts

    Looks cool!
  12. Jeff Seelye

    Art guild notification!

    Well deserved! Those are fine submissions!
  13. Jeff Seelye

    Victor rosebuds are backburning

    Does anything here help? I have a Victor 100C that uses the same tips and I use the same pressures. Make sure you turn your acetylene up far enough to clear the smoke off the tip before adding the oxygen
  14. Jeff Seelye

    Improving vinegar removal of mill scale

    OK besides the PPE issue... Do this in a well ventilated area because when I did this, all the stuff in the immediate area got rusty quicker, if this is not an issue, just ignore. Just be warned, you are putting acid in the air and it will land on something. I use acids for color and I have learned over time to watch what is around me when I am doing this.
  15. Jeff Seelye

    Sign Bracket

    Very nice work on the scroll ends!