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  1. Here is my forge with a Roger Lorance firepot
  2. Alec- That is a very good explanation with the photos! Perry
  3. Thanks Vaughn T. I based it off Brian Brazeal's forge. I had a three day class and was able to get the dimensions and photos to build it myself.
  4. Here is a link to my forge. It has a Roger Lorance firepot. Link removed by request
  5. I am very pleased with my hot cut hardy. I had a three day class with Brian a couple of years ago and struck as he directed. My only regret is not having my forge set up so I could practice what I learned when I got back home. I have since put together a forge and blower and drag it outside when I have time. His hot cuts are superior to the straight ones that rattle around in the hole. Thanks to Brian for all the knowledge he shares.
  6. I agree with Brian, a larger hammer in this case is better. Look at the hammer in Brian's profile photo. A hammer like that in the hands of an experienced smith can move metal quickly and efficiently. Efficient blows to the work is a key component to forging. Perry
  7. Thanks everyone. Ordered from McMaster Carr 1/8-27 thread. Work great. Perry
  8. Put this in your browser. I have seen phtos of this application doing a search. I have ordered one and will be installing once I get the duct through the metal roof. The silicone boot is rated for 437*F continuous. I have checked temps on other installs and this should be fine. Perry
  9. Thanks a lot. I did a lot of searching this morning but didn't find this. This looks like what I am looking for. Thanks again, Perry
  10. Anyone know where to find the original type oiler for the 400 blower or a similar replacement? What would be a good substitute other than a pipe plug? I would like to be able to oil the unit without removing the plug. On the original oiler the the cap returns closed by a spring. Attached is a file photo (not mine) Thanks. Perry
  11. Here is a good read at this link. I have purchased some 12 inch 26 gauge spiral duct from a HVAC company that I will be installing soon. I will post some photos when it is complete. Perry
  12. Hey Brian, I saw a picture once of a crane you did from a horse shoe. Do you have the steps for that one too? Perry
  13. Happy Birthday Brian! Have a great day!