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  1. Here is my forge with a Roger Lorance firepot
  2. Alec- That is a very good explanation with the photos! Perry
  3. Thanks Vaughn T. I based it off Brian Brazeal's forge. I had a three day class and was able to get the dimensions and photos to build it myself.
  4. Here is a link to my forge. It has a Roger Lorance firepot. Link removed by request
  5. I am very pleased with my hot cut hardy. I had a three day class with Brian a couple of years ago and struck as he directed. My only regret is not having my forge set up so I could practice what I learned when I got back home. I have since put together a forge and blower and drag it outside when I have time. His hot cuts are superior to the straight ones that rattle around in the hole. Thanks to Brian for all the knowledge he shares.
  6. I agree with Brian, a larger hammer in this case is better. Look at the hammer in Brian's profile photo. A hammer like that in the hands of an experienced smith can move metal quickly and efficiently. Efficient blows to the work is a key component to forging. Perry
  7. Thanks everyone. Ordered from McMaster Carr 1/8-27 thread. Work great. Perry
  8. Put this in your browser. I have seen phtos of this application doing a search. I have ordered one and will be installing once I get the duct through the metal roof. The silicone boot is rated for 437*F continuous. I have checked temps on other installs and this should be fine. Perry
  9. Thanks a lot. I did a lot of searching this morning but didn't find this. This looks like what I am looking for. Thanks again, Perry
  10. Anyone know where to find the original type oiler for the 400 blower or a similar replacement? What would be a good substitute other than a pipe plug? I would like to be able to oil the unit without removing the plug. On the original oiler the the cap returns closed by a spring. Attached is a file photo (not mine) Thanks. Perry
  11. Here is a good read at this link. I have purchased some 12 inch 26 gauge spiral duct from a HVAC company that I will be installing soon. I will post some photos when it is complete. Perry
  12. Hey Brian, I saw a picture once of a crane you did from a horse shoe. Do you have the steps for that one too? Perry
  13. Happy Birthday Brian! Have a great day!
  14. Thanks again Brian, I am sure i will enjoy using it.
  15. For sure it is a nice hammer. Almost have my coal forge ready to go and can't wait to start using my new hammer. Thanks Lyle
  16. It is an eye opener if you are new to blacksmithing. If you are that close I would definitely pay Brian a visit. Lyle is a great guy to be around also. He has got a few jokes to tell.
  17. I just got a Brian Brazeal forged to finish 3 1/2 lb rounding hammer in the mail yesterday when I got home. It was late so I'll try it out tonight. These are great hammers. I had the pleasure of striking for the same type hammer (about a pound less) at Brian's last March for a three day class. Wish that I had more time to spend there. I would encourage anyone looking to further their blacksmith skills to take a class with Brian. His level of knowledge is outstanding as well as his ability to convey that information. Brian and Karen are great hosts and Karen is an awesome cook. You won't be disappointed. Perry Thomasson
  18. I talked to Lee Brawley and he said his boss declined to pay for an analysis. So, I guess if someone wants to try the coal they can drive up and get it.
  19. Has anyone tried the coal from Stalite company in Gold Hill, NC? It is in the March/April newsletter. I called Lee Brawley and he said it is low sulphur stoker coal. It is 178.00 per ton plus tax cash only. He will give a bucket or two to try before you buy.They use it in their process and he sells it to some local blacksmiths. He is going to get an analysis done. I will post it when I get it if anyone is interested.
  20. Hey Alec, It looks like you had a very rewarding and enjoyable time. Brian,Karen and Lyle are awesome people to be around. I hope I will be able to go back some day for more instruction. I only had three days and can't imagine what two weeks would be like. Hope you go far in your blacksmithing endeavors. Perry Thomasson
  21. The forge welding demo was done by Bill Creek if I'm not mistaken. Perry Thomasson
  22. Brian, Alec looks like he is really doing well and enjoying himself. He will do well with you teaching. I should have had one of those steps when I was there! Perry
  23. It sure was. He is very talented. I was lucky to have his instruction as well as Lyle's. Thanks