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making tongs, what to use for rivets


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On 6/5/2021 at 8:59 AM, sidesaddle queen said:

 i am not one of them

To be clear, my morality statement was meant as a general evil we all encounter and in no way meant towards anyone here. We blacksmiths are often confronted with, as an example, someone who wants our work with no makers mark in order to resell our work for antique prices.

I encountered this, again, a few years back. It still a sore topic.


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I would've had to try a Ky spring saddle back in the day, right now 15 minutes in the saddle would have me in pain for a couple days. 

I've never been able to spend much time in a padded saddle without it rubbing my legs raw. My old Tex Tanner was hard as a board and polished as the president's desk. Tight jeans slid on the saddle so nothing rubbed my hide. 

Our days raising horses were some of the best, I miss them. I have to admit I was pretty heavy handed to start with, it took a while to learn enough equine-lish  to learn how to ask and coax cooperation. A cooperative horse is a much better companion than an intimidated or scared one.

I caught out horses by pulling a handful of whatever was growing by the gate and slipping my belt around their neck when they came to me to get the treat and some loving. I was way too fat and lazy to run around the pasture playing chase with HORSES. Chase is normal horse play. 

There were some kids who'd get so frustrated they'd start throwing road apples trying to drive their horse into a corner. 

I was "lucky," my horse would come to me. Their horses came to me too. I must be magic or something huh? 

Horses are also very curious, you can get wild horses to come investigate you by ignoring them and doing something fiddly our of their sight. I'm pretty sure it'd be near suicidal to try slipping my belt over a mustang's neck though it'd be easy enough to rig a snare with a lariat and a couple sticks. Might even be successful, I don't know. 

It works for other animals too and I foolishly proved to myself I could charm a moose close enough to pet were I crazy. One evening in Delta Junction maint. camp I noticed a moose wander to the sand pile to lick salt. So I sat quietly and every tie it looked elsewhere I gave a little cluck or snapped my fingers. In no time at all it was poking it's head in my tent and sniffing me. 

Talk about unintended consequences! Of course you never know when you'll be really REALLY hungry enough to do something crazy to eat. I'd rather noodle fish.

Frosty The Lucky.

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I was actually talking with Lindsay books to see if they wanted to reprint it; but they shut down before we got together on it.  It's in mint condition!  "Hand Forging and Wrought Iron Ornamental Work"  published by Popular Mechanics Company; 1911----wow it's appreciated a LOT in price compared to what I paid for my copy.  I'm glad it's being reprinted cheap as it's an interesting book!

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When I was actively collecting bayonets, there is/was a used bookstore over in Fayetteville by the UofA. The owner there has/had an very large and diverse inventory. He once told me that when he was in the Korean war his outfit participated in the last bayonet charge of the Army at the Chosin Reservoir. I haven't been there in years, I really need to take a trip over there to see if he is still in business.

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8 hours ago, ThomasPowers said:

The one on Dickson Street? 

Yep, can't remember the name though.

Just looked it up (love Google) Dickson Street Book Shop. Still there although don't know if the same owner, haven't been there since the late '70s early '80s.

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Add store name.
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