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  1. not my favorite either.. lol! i love bays with appy and tobiano color but he was starving a woman's back yard so i rescued him ... planning on gelding and selling him to a good home lol!!! i fell in love with his personality . that was 12 yrs ago.. his foals get his great legs and mind.. easy to train .. i keep the bays.. lol!! paint and pinto foals are so pretty!!! i bet you loved looking over the field, thomas...
  2. okay, thanks.. i never thought about the horn being different than the face... learn something every time i visit!! JHCC , i do not own the vulcan. anvil . it is borrowed from a dear friend,,
  3. this description was on a new anvil.. i had never seen that before.. some of the the other anvils on that site didn't say that.. does that mean all old anvil horns should not be used for cold forging??
  4. frosty, here are photos of her sire. sunshine.. palomino and buckskin are created by the creme gene in one dose, perlino and cremello and double dose..
  5. she is a perlino, bay base with 2 dilutes.. one dominate cream, one recessive cream,,,aka the sunshine gene.. .. she will be a bit dark and richer in color with a pale pumpkin skin... this is her at 7 weeks. you can see the color in the skin ..her sire is the horse in my sidesaddle photo
  6. yep, she is the real thing!! lol!! her momma is a bay.. without the sunshine gene you can't get this color from a bay.. it was fun research breeding to prove the gene,,,
  7. filly!! her eyes are pale blue, her sire has ice green eyes.. so her should be aren be when she is grown .. she out of my stallion and caries a newly discovered color gene.. his foals are born broke.. they are like puppies.. so easy to work with.. frosty, i put her photo up just for you.. lol!! thought you would like seeing her.. ll!!!
  8. what does it mean about the metal composition when an anvil description states the horn is for use with hot metal only
  9. i really like it.. has a nice sound .. it is 70 -75 lbs.. i have not picked it up that is what jim , the owner told me,, thanks for the info!!!!
  10. i decided to listen to y'all and didn't even go look at it.. the post vise was in good working condition and was bolted on but he would not sell them separate ... these photos are of the anvil i am using now,, i like it... it is small but so is my work,,
  11. yes i saw your crash and frosty's stand down. this is a great place because it spite of it all we all keep going forward,,
  12. lol!! yes i realized that this group would understand .. i can still ride and gallop horses with my knee,, just not drive,, so i will kept it a while longer,, my knee is why i am going to experiment with seated forging,, lol!! i will go the the tailgate now!! okay, i will post in tail gating .. that might be the best way to go.. but in the mean time i will figure out what really need.. lol!!!
  13. i have access to someone that could drill a second hole,, i think.. lol!! i will get a photo of my borrowed anvil today.. is it not huge but it works well for me,, the log is too tall for me and moves some, i was going to cut it off and then decided to find my own and set it up just for me,,, i am decidedly shorter than the average bear lol!! what is the tail gate section?? that sounds like a great idea!!!
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