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  1. lol!!! we had a lambchops when we were kids.. we were told "he ran away".... lol!!
  2. y'all will have to run me off with a big stick to get me gone.. lol!!! this is much better than facebook!! i love the way the conversations morph... lol!!!
  3. i will not finish this one out.. i just repaired the tree and am putting seat in .. she wants to see if she can rebuild it,, herself.. i will start a page when i work on one my trees.. it is mine.. lol! so i can so the finished saddle.. i will have to do some forged work on it,, she will send me photos ..if she gets it done,, lol!! i will keep y'all in the loop ..
  4. rivets done, saddle going together.. lol!! i thought you might like to see it
  5. i will try some of your methods on my stuff ..lol!!.. but not on client saddles,, i hope to develop my skills using heat this summer i am getting a lot of useful imput here.. glad i joined..
  6. not going to use heat on these old saddles, i have seen many ruined,, my cold rivets are fine ..lol!! i do need a torch though.. it is on my my wish list..
  7. thank you!! no, the vise grip is holding the the metal where is one more part goes... it needs welding that i can't do to finish it,, so i am waiting on a welder friend ... lol!! frustrating...
  8. rivets are done!! time to rebuild,,,
  9. wow!! lots of information!! but thanks for addressing my question first,, i have tried reshaping the metal without heat,, even a farrier friend could not shape it so i figured heat was next.. i had read somewhere.. that ductile cast iron could be heated and shaped but now can't find the article,,,
  10. wow!!! i just stepped into the deep end of the pool.. interesting discussion,,
  11. yes i have the patent. interestingly , it does not state a method of production.. leaves to the maker.. just the engraving shows it is metal.. my fork doesn't have the pat # on it.. they didn't always do that back then. this patent is 4 /3 / 1900..
  12. i was very surpassed to see cast iron rather than forged.. i have handled or owned over 100 of the these saddles and only had 3 with cast pommels,, i one here now that cast fork!! very interesting. has an american patent on it,, surprised not surpassed,, lol!! yes .. contrary to old timers memories there was a lot of junk made in the 19 century,, lol!!
  13. lol!! got it.. i like the answer you gave , only stated i knew what it was to save you typing .. but your answer will be more helpful in the long run . i am not used to a blog situation where many people are talking a the same time on a subject,, i am still thinking as a one one conversation,, lol!! montgomery wards. sears and other catalog companies of the time carried all kinds of sidesaddles.. some very well made and were not..lol!!
  14. thy are very very old saddles... 120 -150 yrs i understand what cast iron is,, i just didn't expect it in a sidesaddle part that is normally shaped to fit the rider.. so i blindly forged ahead..lol!! pun intended and asked a friend to heat it and rebend it,, i told him to hea the whole thing but he decided he knew better and just quickly tested the spot e was going to bend.. lol!! he was so surprised.. lol!! some sidesaddle were cheaply made, like saddles now and they probably cast them because they were making them all the same shape and size rather than bespoke/custom the one i broke was very bent.. curled up . but it might have been made that way to fit a thin thigh.. lol!!! thank you so much , i knew there was a spark test but didn't have that in my info!!!! so, another question.. could the cast leaping heads be mild steel cast ?? rather than cast iron? and the rough texture fooled me?? i will see if i can dig one up.. i had one made to place the one i broke,,
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