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Prayers for my wife


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I believe in prayer. I believe that it works because I have seen prayers answered over and over. I believe that some are answered Yes, some No, and some Wait. Regardless of how prayers are answered I accept their outcome because I am the clay (iron) and not the Potter (Master Blacksmith).

Now having said that, I ask my fellow blacksmiths for prayers for my wife Patty. Patty has Carcinoid Cancer and has had it since 2003. It has been a continuous battle but one worth fighting. She goes in for yet another hospital stay and will be having a Chemoembolization to her liver. Not a bad procedure but not a fun ride afterwards. She will have it done on Sept 14th in Norfolk, VA.

I ask you to join me in prayer that she will be at peace with this procedure as she is very anxious about it and that it will work as the doctors hope it will.
It has been a long road but we know that the Lord is in charge and we trust him.
We give all the glory to God for answered prayer.

Mark <><

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Ok, as always I speak too soon. The Dr just came in and said that he really didn't like her catscan this morning. It seems that there is a really rare chance that the chemo and the radio-isotope could travel from her liver to her bowels. But Patty being Patty, it did. This has the Dr worried and he said it could be "bad". He defined bad as not good. So more tests and proceedures. Keep prayin. thanks

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I would like to thank all of you for your prayers for Patty. What was feared by the surgeon is leaving her system and is no longer a threat. You cannot know how much it means to me that you have all prayed for my wife.
She still has the carcinoid cancer but the treatment left us with a very dark outlook. The problem caused by the treatment is no longer a problem. It is going away.
On facebook I told of those that were praying for Patty and I. Among the list were you. I listed you as Blacksmiths, Big burly manly men with firm hardy handshakes who humbled themselves before the Lord to ask for help for a friend.
Again praise and thanks to God and my thanks to you for your petitions to God.
God bless you all.
ps. Keep prayin, she's not home yet.

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Here we go again. Asking for continued prayers for Patty. After a test last week it seems that her Carcinoid cancer may have spread to one of her ribs. We will be traveling back and forth to Norfolk, Va every day this week for more scans to see whats new. Not a long trip but tiring for Patty.

I would like to ask for your prayers for safe travel and good test results. This cancer has become so normal for us that is has become routine and seems to just be a normal part of life. I guess it is in a way.

Thanks in advance.

God bless all,


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