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  1. JKindy

    New Post Vise Stand

    Finally got a stand made up for my Post Vise. Had to get some plate, pipe and a welder to put it together. The base is 24" diameter, I would go bigger next time. 3" Schedule 40 pipe, 1/2" inch top and bottom plate. The post the vise is sitting on is crooked, I wanted the vise to be straight. Hindsight I probably could have straightened the mount first... It's fairly stable as is, and when needed I can stand on the plate to add weight. I wanted it round to be able to move around in my small garage shop.
  2. Trying to re-open this thread to see if anything has changed. Any Coal near Southern metro Detroit area?
  3. Welcome to the forums. Pull up a log and enjoy the conversations. Looking forward to sharing with you. Jeff
  4. Key Jkindy, it's tobigforyou from BushcraftUSA.

  5. Nice use of materials. Your welds are looking great!
  6. Looking good. Keep banging on that steel.
  7. I was getting ready to post the same thing. Thanks
  8. Simply elegant. Very pleasing and wont detract from the flowers, but rather add a bit of pizzaz. Nicely done. I am sure they will love it.
  9. Hi, thanks for friending me, I was going to build a Zoeller forge, but now I'm not sure. I might just want to buy one. First of all, I can't find the parts, and second of all, I don't have the tools. I'm not really a shop guy.
    If you can give me any advice let me know. My son and I would love to come out and see you when you have time.

  10. Great to hear of your success! Sounds like you could make a fortune in "S" Hooks!
  11. Looking good CV! Keep pounding that metal.
  12. Welcome aboard! Grab a hammer and step to the anvil! I too live in SE Michigan, Wyandotte to be specific. I have a portable smitty set up at my Dad's place. If you guys would like to come over, I would be happy to show you around the fire and anvil. I too am just starting out, but am well on my way (so I'm told). Jeff