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  1. I should have been more descriptive. I'm sure the jaw inserts were welded originally...almost have to be with that style. I was talking about the jaw towers that the jaw inserts are on. I'm pretty certain this isn't a factory job:
  2. There should be a set screw at the bottom of the dynamic jaw housing. That set screw fits into a recess on the inner part of the spindle to keep it inside the dynamic jaw. Have you looked at that yet? Also check that the pins at the back of the body are in place. They hold the tail cap assembly and nut in place. Sometimes the pins shear if the vise is dropped and lands on the spindle, but usually it cracks the body of the vise itself. That's a very cool vise but know that the jaw shape isn't the strongest style so it's not really meant for heavy duty work. The jaw towers and jaw supports aren't as massive as you'd find on the machinist models, probably to allow better access to the work piece. In short, you don't want to put something in it and hit it with a big hammer :-) I know a couple of collectors who would probably trade you a bigger/heavier Wilton for that one just because it's unusual.
  3. Post some pics after you get it cleaned up! I passed on a #6 recently....guy wanted $1K but both jaws had been broken off and welded back many decades ago. It was really fixed nicely, and the jaws still lined up perfectly, but I couldn't bring myself to pay that much for it.
  4. LOL...I think the guy behind me who didn't get it hates me even more! That makes sense. It's not a significant amount of movement, and won't let it get anywhere near the housing so I wasn't too worried. Yesterday I was visiting with a friend who has a ton of blacksmithing equipment and played around with a couple of Champion 400s he's restored and the difference is night and day...makes me even more happy I managed to get this one. Now I need a forge to go with it...the two at the auction were small and pretty rough.
  5. Will doI I'm a super newbie, so I'll wait until I can make a reasonably informed review. I considered the 58 with the side shelf, but decided against it. A buddy of mine just started importing Refflinghaus locally and I figure I can always sell this one and get a 58 if I change my mind. Haha....buying, restoring and selling vises is what paid for the anvil! I only have a handful I'm keeping for myself...maybe 5 or 6 total. I can't wait to try it, but I'm going to be smart about things for a change (I hope). I'm not even good enough to call myself a novice, so I'm planning to use my beat up 150lb Fisher for a little while, work on hammering technique, and then make the switch. I probably put the cart ahead of the horse, but had an opportunity to get the Refflinghaus immediately and didn't want to pass on it and then have to wait down the road.
  6. I finally got my new No. 57 330lb Refflinghaus home...super excited about it. Here it is next to my new (to me) 130lb Vulcan and a bunch of vises to give it some scale.
  7. That's kind of what I'm was thinking...give it time to soften up the top layer, and repeat. Made a video of it in action...we'll see if it works. 13B4590D-222F-4EFD-959E-B9BA710F627B_zpsksgj9cgc.MP4
  8. Thanks...I use both of those methods pretty regularly on other projects and you're right, they're very handy. I hadn't thought about Murphy's Oil Soap, so I'll see if I can dig some up. The crud is so thick I know it's going to take some manual method to remove, but even softening it up first should help.
  9. LOL...honest, it was marked at $95 and I just barely got there ahead of the next guy in line who wanted it. It had so much crud on it that I couldn't see any paint at all, but that showed up as soon as I did a little cleaning. The layer of dirt/oil/etc was so thick I couldn't make out any of the small letters. I'm going to try a gentle cleaner to see if I can get it reasonably clean without removing the paint, but it was almost dissolving before my eyes....we'll see. I will say you're right...it's pretty darned quiet!
  10. Well, it all worked out....got there early enough to snag the blower....$95 which seemed more than reasonable. I spent about ten minutes with a bronze brush and some cleaner to get a better look at it, and I'm happy. The fan turns freely, moves what seems like a lot of air, and there are no weird noises. The oilers are all free, and everything seems to be in working order....if very dirty. The original red paint was coming off as I cleaned it, and there was still some of the gold paint on the raised letters. I'm thinking it's worthy of a nice cosmetic refresh after checking that all the moving parts are good. The fan has a little bit of in and out movement, but not enough to hit the housing and I couldn't get it to move up or down, so I suspect the bearing is likely still good. Here are a couple of quick pics I took:
  11. Thanks guys, that really helps! Luckily, this is an estate sale, not an auction, so it's just a matter of getting there early, and hoping they haven't done much research on it! I'm interested in a couple of other things they have, and it's not far from my house, so I'm going to do my best to get there early....fingers crossed.
  12. Yeah, I thought it was pretty stout for the weight. It's got some very minor pitting on the surface that I suspect is really from someone using it improperly, but other than that it's really solid. I'm going to get that ugly paint off it soon! LOL...I hope I don't have to move the big anvil very often! I have enough room at my shop that I can set up an inside and outside work area. I think the inside area will have to be flexible enough that I can move things around, so that would be the smaller anvil. Still, after I get it all set up I might decide to swap that around....hard to say.
  13. Spotted this at an estate sale coming up nearby and wondered what folks thought a reasonable price would be? Obviously I won't know if it turns freely until I see it in person, but there are a number of other similar items around, and it's on a horse farm, so I think it was used rather than stored. It looks to be pretty decent, and the stand adds a few bucks to it, so what's a fair market value? Yes, I know it's worth what someone is willing to pay, but we all know that's not much help. I saw a similar one sold on eBay for $200 plus shipping...is that normal, high, or low?
  14. I picked up a 130lb Vulcan over the weekend and hope to pick up the 330lb Refflinghaus next weekend. With the Refflinghaus on the way I was torn on buying the Vulcan, but the price was reasonable, and it's in pretty darned good condition.
  15. The one does look a little funky, but they were real enough to put my finger in. I sold it, so I can't post better pics....sorry. I still have the originals on my phone, and there I can zoom in enough so see the dirt/oil/grit in the hole, and the irregular edge to it as well. While I like a good challenge, and have been slowly teaching myself to do hand-cut file checkering for gunsmith work, and would like to try my filing skills on the anvil, it may be going to a new home before I get to that. I was waiting for the weather to break to get my setup in order...still need a forge and a bunch of other stuff. Tonight I put a deposit on a brand new 330lb Refflinghouse #57 that a friend has locally. He imported a #57 and #58 and is only keeping one so I'm planning to sell the HB to help pay for that. It's overkill, I'm sure, but I was able to do a partial trade for a very cool vintage Wilton vise as part of the deal, so it was too good to pass up.