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  1. Was contacted today about this vise and it looks pretty big and the jaws look really nice, I don't know much about these types of vises but I thought there was knob like thing supposed to be above where it mounts. Can any one bring light to this situation and tell me if you think something's wrong with it.
  2. I won this old Chas. Parker bench Vise at a small local auction for $158.00 .. its a No.976 6" jaws and said to be 157 lbs. I'll be picking it up tomorrow, then the cleaning process begins. I will post photos of the progress..
  3. I have a 4 1/2", hang over bench mount, Chas. Parker vise that I got out of my grandfather's old shop. I can't seem to find any info on this specific model and I was hoping you guys could help. It has "No. 146" stamped on the side. I've seen forums on Parker vises, but none include this model no. Any info would be helpful. Thanks
  4. Hi all I am working on getting the critical bits to start this hobby. Anvil (check); Vise (maybe check!), forge (next). I was trying to read what I could on refurbishing an old vise and see multiple references to a post BP0060 which is on refurbing a vise, but can't seem to get a live link. Any technically savvy blacksmith advice appreciated... The one I got to day for $40 seems like it's in pretty good shape (even some grip left on the inside face of the jaw) but I think the spring needs to be re-worked (need to get that darn forge built/bought) and the movable arm bolt is the wrong size and era. The result of the latter item is that the front jaw drops - I think there is too much vertical play. Is there a preferred method for truing that up? Any advice on the spring. One other thing is that it appears the bolting plate is a different brand (Smart) than the rest of the unit (Endurance - made in Canada - with a serial number) though it fits snug. Wonder if the spring is the wrong one?
  5. This vise only has half a maker's mark. Does anyone recognize it? I don't have a picture of the vise put together right now, but it's a wagon tongue vise.
  6. Well I ended up getting this old 7" swivel jaw bench vise today at a small local on line auction for $211.00 its at least 200 lbs. and 31" long closed and 13" tall.. its a monster looking vise in person.. it has no makers mark that can be seen... G-ManBart told me it looks like a Prentiss vise.. thanks for all the info Bart !!
  7. Txew

    Odd features

    I just found this 5" vise. The paint is odd. The coil spring is odder. But oddest of all is the long screw thread extending out of the screw hub. Can anyone explain this feature? Feel free to comment on any aspect of what you see.
  8. I bought this small vise at a trades day it looks like I small post vise but it doesn't have a post I was just seeing in anyone might know more about it then me. There is no name on it or any markings. Thank you
  9. Hello I have this leg vise tant I bought yesterday for 80$ CAD. Perfect condition, nothing is missing, 4" jaws. I was able to read St-Paul Works and there is a crown logo. There is also S&W beneath the crown. I would like to get more info about this company. Around what years did they make these. I think it comes from Minnesota but I'm not sure. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  10. Picked this up today at the antique store, trying to find out some information about it. The knob at the front adjusts the main screw, and when you're close you turn the handle about 90 degrees to clamp it down. I'm not sure what the contraption on the back does. The screw is stuck, so I'll have to try to get everything freed and mess with it more tomorrow. I've never seen such a thing so it came home with me. I can't seem to find anything on the internet, hoping to find out if this is a factory made vise or someone modified it along the way. Either way, I think it's neat and could be useful after some TLC.
  11. I recently picked up a couple of larger post vises.. ( when it rains it pours ) the second one came along unexpected but these larger ones don't come along around here as often. so the price was right, so I grabbed it... these are how they look now. the first has 7 1/4" jaws and very heavy ( haven't weighted it yet but over 150 lbs. ) the threads are good and have actually been keep well greased .. it came out of a old sugar beet factory, and after a bit of negotiating became mine.. it needed a pivot bolt and I got a square headed 7/8" bolt and nut for it.. the other one has a 6 1/4" Jaw, and is newer and more neglected but still has good threads . its about half as heavy ( or feels like it ) but still heavy enough as to not want to carry it far !! lol I will wire wheel these and oil them then repost photos with the results .. JT
  12. Just got my first leg vise. No markings on it. It’s a 4 inch. It’s in great shape. I need to get it mounted up and give it a go.
  13. Has anyone ever seen one of these tiny vises?
  14. I have wanted a postvise that could be moved, so this is what I've come up with. Made with all scrap from around the shop. Anything I could do to make it better, I'm open to suggestions.
  15. JT

    mini vise

    picked up a collection of mini tools. the vise is marked pat. June 16 1885 H&B..
  16. these leg vise's may have been posted before.. but if they were.. they are so lovely another look doesn't hurt !! and a nice big Chas Parker bench vise !!
  17. I have never seen a leg vise like this before. What's it called? What was it made for? Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.
  18. JT

    new post vise stands

    Hello everyone !! I had my eye on these steel things at a small local on-line auction for the last couple weeks due to not getting listed when they were supposed to.. I thought it was a single item and thought I might be able to make it work for my 120 lb. Fisher double screw vise.. after looking at them closer it was a pair and just banded together.. better yet I thought.. now having one for another vise if they work... I ended up paying a bit more for them then I thought I was going to get them for .. and ended up paying $65.00 for them... I weighed them once I managed to get them off my truck.. 368 lbs. each !! they are 3' tall. the top plate is 12" X 12 1/4" X 1 1/4" thick the back plate is 3" tall 1 1/4" X 12 1/4" and the bottom plate is 18" X 12 1/4" X 1 1/2" .. I'll have to add a piece of steel to each for the post to rest on.. I think they turned out much better then I expected and seem very solid !! JT
  19. I have a old post vise 5 inch jaws that needs a screw and screw box . The screw box is a closed type,but I'll be happy to take any type. if any of you can help me out I'll be eternally grateful.
  20. I know its a blacksmith vise but you see more screw vise's then these.. why are they like this? do they hold securely?? is it a good vise to have ?? thanks, JT
  21. Wondering if anyone can tell me whether the way the mounting plate on this vise is original or the product of repair who knows how long ago? i've looked at a ton of images and can't seem to find another example of the mounting plate being secured to the shank via a wedge and hole in the shank and spring. Also, curious if anyone knows manufacturer and approx date. Thanks
  22. I posted this vise as described by the seller as a Trenton Vise.. but found out it is actually a Fisher vise.. well it just sold, and it went for $270.00.. with fees and tax, a total of $314.82... was it a deal ?? the jaws were 6 1/2" wide and I'm guessing around 150 Lbs. njanvilman thought the jaws were fine and not altered... JT
  23. JT

    Trenton post vise

    I ran across this Trenton Post Vise.. I've never seen one like this.. does anyone know about this type Vise ?? do these jaws look to be altered ?? thanks, JT
  24. I just picked up this leg vise at a small local auction and came from the Kneeland-Bigelow Lumber Company in Bay City Michigan.. it has a Indian with a headdress facing to the left and what looks to say "Warrior" under the Indian and 65 under that.. they can't be seen in the photos.. the jaws are 4 3/4"... I've read that there are vises that are called Indian Chief and have also read that Canedy-Otto made some vises with a Indian logo on them.. does any one know of a Indian logo with " Warrior " underneath ??? JT
  25. I really hate the noise the handle makes when I let it go. I also dislike the pinching of my fingers and other meat parts around my hand. And its difficult to pull the handle up with the round ends. I further dislike the smell of elastic bands cut off and fallen from the vise's handle when hot iron finds them. So I went overboard, remembered the days when I sailed, and tied a turk's head knot. I do not know how long it will last but in the meantime, it works and if I may say so, it's nice to look at.
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