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  1. Would you be able to take a photo of it, so we can see what you are working with?
  2. That anvil face is in good condition, dont modify the face by grinding or welding it would probably just make things worse. Sway in an anvil is not a problem at all. The sway isnt stopping you from straightening bars, it does the opposite, it actually helps in getting bars straight
  3. No need to worry about any of that, Its a good list and a good contribution. I started the thread but its been added to so much now I wouldnt say Its mine, which is a good thing. I started the thread with the intention of getting the word out that there is a lot of companies still making good quality anvils. You have made a good list with more useful information. People looking to buy a new anvil will find it helpful, im sure of it
  4. Im struggling with this one a bit. I understand why politics in general has no place here, It gets people all worked up. But on the subject of coal? Theres nothing more important then the fuel we use to heat the steel. There all alternatives, but none of them are truly sustainable.
  5. I think the future of coal and the availablity of it should be discussed. Its not looking great here in the UK
  6. Coming along nicely! I enjoy making tongs, but I cant claim to do them all by hand. I do most of the drawing out under a power hammer.
  7. I like big cast steel anvils, and old wrought iron anvils, who doesnt? In reality though, its going to make little to no difference. you can only get so much done in a given time frame with a hand hammer, whether you are using a large cast steel hardened anvil or a large chunk of mild steel, I dont think it really matters that much. Having an anvil fastened down properly is much more important in my opinion.
  8. Nice hatchet. Nothing wrong with reaching for the electric welder. Thats what its there for, when all else fails!
  9. Thank you, most often I use 1" x 1/2" flat bar but sometimes use either 3/4" round or square if I need more material for the jaws. Also sometimes depends on what I have lying around at the time
  10. Thank you. Just plain mild steel, my favourite material for tongs
  11. Is the pump spinning the right way? I have an AJAX power hacksaw which is 3 phase, so it can run backwards if I change up the wiring. The coolant pump doesnt work when its running the wrong way
  12. Ive had this power hammer for over a year now, its been a very good tool. Made by Dave Preston in England. He makes a good hammer! Just messing around with it really, but it demonstrates how useful it is being able to adjust the height. In the first part im using some fairly high old fashioned top tools then I draw out some 1 inch round mild steel. Thought some members might be interested to see. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzhwzhaKpog
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