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  1. I would do nothing and just use the anvil, work around it as there is plenty of good edges. If you really feel you have to do something with it, very lighty file or sand any sharp bits in the damaged area
  2. Wasnt aware of that term, looked it up and yes they are a similar idea
  3. Thank you, the meat tenderiser got me thinking, it was tricky to figure out how to do it without cutting/filing, I ended up making a special die for the power hammer
  4. Have been busy enough lately, making some more tushkars, also before xmas made this custom meat tenderising hammer for a friend who is a butcher
  5. 'The Slack Tub' I like it. This is what you should name your shop
  6. A few different grits then a polish yes. Only thing is when its that shiny it makes it difficult to take a photo!
  7. You make very nice fire place tools Macleod, I like them a lot. Made another hammer head 2lb
  8. Thanks, started off with 40mm by 50mm recycled forklift toe, maybe 90mm long. cant remember exactly though those numbers might be a bit off. The hammer weighs 2 1/2 lb
  9. I like it. Interesting Swedish made anvil
  10. Thanks for everyones input. Latticino, I must have missed that article on www.anyangusa.net which pretty much answers all the questions I had about which company is the genuine one.
  11. Was wondering if anyone could shed any light on this. Is the Anyang ST company a totally different company from Anyang AFP? I'm not in the market for a power hammer, but noticed a blacksmith in the UK has become a dealer for Anyang ST hammers. If these are in fact two different companies all together, which one is the real and original? Just thought it would be good to clear this up for anyone looking to buy, might be something to look out for. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
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