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  1. I would be interested to see photos of your anvil Willie
  2. I just had a look on ebay for used anvil prices to see how bad it is. I found a used 51 kg Brooks anvil with a 'buy it now' price of £750. A brand new Brooks anvil the exact same weight.. New.. from Brooks costs £606.43
  3. It seems as though Soderfors possibly made anvils for Blacker power hammers too?
  4. Thanks, will try that next time it makes sense. Working with a striker is still new to us so still trying to figure it out. First few tries were not very smooth at all
  5. Thank you! I posted a video of me and my friend striking in the tongs section. Makes making tongs a lot faster for sure
  6. Made a new pair of tongs with a striker a few weeks back, makes drawing out a lot more fun Tong Making.mp4
  7. Finished a pair of tongs today, with scarf welded rains - the bottom ones. The top pair I made a few weeks ago with a friend striking for me
  8. Theres an anvil for sale on a website that sells blacksmiths tools that weighs 1121 lbs
  9. That is correct, I did wonder about that when I was installing the forge, but I do also have a propane forge tucked away under the work bench which I could set up if I ever face that problem, which i dont think will be very often. Long work pieces can be passed through it, so that should solve the issue I hope! Shetland is a good TV show although its a bit odd watching it when you know the place well
  10. Nice smiddy, good to see others in scotland here. This is my new place, still have stuff to move yet but its taking shape
  11. Hi Rangie, welcome. Im in the north too
  12. $800 is madness, where do people get these prices from? You could buy a brand new quality anvil in the same weight range for less.
  13. I kind of like this hammer, have you tried forging with it yet?
  14. Thanks, if you look below the forge you can see that blocks stick out of the wall at that point, from the ground up to the hatch, so I had to build that stainless heat shield at the back of the forge around them. Im not really sure why the wall is designed like that , its not like that on the opposide side of the building. Must be something to do with the hatch. The man that built the shed put the hatch there as he used that part of the shed for storing peat. He would back a truck up to the hatch when the shed was getting full and start filling it from there instead. More recently my sister used it as a stable for her horse as you can see by the stable door, up until a few years ago. Now I use it as my shop