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  1. that makes me feel old... and im only 25
  2. The smell of burned hair will be with you for a few days im sure lucky there was no injury
  3. Photos of the cone mandrel I keep forgetting to take
  4. I agree with that TP, do you have any recommendations for people who would benefit from a heavy narrow faced anvil? as in modern anvil makers. also, Benona blacksmith and Marc1, without posting a link is there a price list available for these anvils? (BIG BLU)
  5. I would like see one of these anvils in person and try it out. Am I right in thinking they come in 3 different weights? dogblazer9598 I did look into the BLU anvils for the list, but it seems BLU don't sell them anymore? There's nothing listed on the anvil section on their website. I'm fairly sure that they were the Czech Branco anvils, imported and sold by BIG BLU. Again, not 100% certain on that though
  6. I had a look at the princess Auto 60lb ones, again they look good and are affordable, although I doubt that they are forged, could be wrong though. Something I cant understand about these Chinese (assuming they are) anvils is that they are so close to making a brilliant anvil. so close.. I mean why not just make the hardy hole right the way through? Surely it wouldn't be that much more expensive to produce? Same with the cast steel Accaciao anvils with the oddly place pritchel hole on the horn. Fine serviceable anvils Im sure, just some very small changes could make them better
  7. Good to know Benona blacksmith. Do you know if any info about those anvils can be found online? I would be interested to know more about them. Whilst searching for info on those anvils I found a website of a blacksmith in Perth Ontario who makes anvils. His company name is Forged In Canada. Says his name is Don Mackay on the about section. See below - this newly created 155 pd anvil is designed to make it the only anvil you will ever need. Using the best aspects of the well known London Pattern, it is created for working everything from small hooks to swords. It is made out of cast 4140 tool steel that has been heated treated creating an extremely hard face around RC 58. The 9.5" horn is round as opposed to the traditional style which is upturned. The heel of the anvil gradually moves towards the face allowing the blacksmith to work different dimensions in the heel area. Included in the heel, is a 45 degree anvil to help with angles while smithing. A 2.5" x 2" shelf has been added extending out from the ½" step of the anvil allowing for extra work area. Mounting holes have been added to help mount the anvil. Anvil Dimensions: Overall length: 26" Width: 4.25" Hardie Hole: 1" Pitchard: ½" Heel of anvil has a 45 designed in it. Step out: 2.5" x 2" True round horn: 9.5" Face length: 10"
  8. Its no bother, I started the list but Mod34 has improved it a lot. You make very nice tools foundryguy, I would certainly be tempted to buy from you if I was in the US. If anyone is aware of any other anvil makers please share that information in this thread
  9. Totally forgot about this, I will take some photos tomorrow
  10. Good point about the writing, shame there aren't better quality photos on the website so we could see for sure
  11. Hi Benona blacksmith. The Mathewson Metals anvils look good but I have concerns about them. From what I can make out from the small photos on their website, it looks as if the base is welded on with an electric welder, which is ok if done properly. They also claim that that the anvils have a Fully hardened and heat treated tool steel face. Does this mean face plate? If so, do they mean it has a welded on face plate? I doubt it would be forge welded on and if its welded on with an electric welder it would need to be done properly, full penetration right to the middle of the anvil. Maybe im wrong and its a quality hardened cast steel anvil, has anyone here had any experience with them?
  12. Thanks! even better. Plenty of companies making modern good quality anvils, something to consider if anyone is struggling to find a sensibly priced second hand one.
  13. Thanks Judson and BGD. I will update the list with claimed alloy and harness later on, and include those brands. I also heard kohlswa no longer made anvils, but they still seem to have a FB page? can anyone confirm this? maybe a Swedish user? Edit: I Just phoned Kohlswa Sweden, the man I spoke to was helpful but confirmed that Kohlswa anvils are no longer made.