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  1. I have been seriously considering a Chile Habanero forge. Reading on several forums, I ran across a knife maker's forum where one poster said they were too hot for knife making because the 1900 F could change and/or distort properties of 1075, 5160 etc. He also said he couldn't choke down it for cooler operation Anyone else ever heard of this? I am primarily use those steel in my shop
  2. Has anyone ever seen an anvil by this maker?
  3. Has anybody seen an Hay Budden with the Hardie on the front near the clip?
  4. Building a propane forced air forge. Would it be possible to use a pressure regulator ($25) vs. a squirrel cage blower ($65) to control air flor to the burner? I have a large 2 stage compressor so air is no issue. Thanks for any thoughts
  5. I acquired a 350 lb anvil that fits the description of early Hay Buddens in A.I.A. I can find no definitive markings but all the dimensions and handling hole location match Postman's descriptions. It came on a cast base that it fits perfectly. Did Hay Budden ever make a cast base? Some say no, but I'm not sure. Notice the small 3rd handling hole under the heal, very indicative of a large Hay Budden
  6. I just got an 1898 Champion Angle blower. Its in good working condition including the original lever and all belts. I've bee to a lot of sales and never seen one like this. Anybody know much about them?
  7. It weights right 105 lbs. It doesn't look like the face was milled or ground off. I'll get some better pics. The horn underneath looks very crudely forge welded on. A man whom I respect for his knowledge of colonial and older anvils suspects it was either an early American anvil made in Boston in the early 1700's or even older and used by the French near Detroit.
  8. I picked this up yesterday on the cheap, but I think it is very old. Any help with maker or age? No markings that I can find
  9. Can anyone shed light on this Colonial anvil? It has "J O E" or "J O L" on the side and weighs 93 lbs. I picked it up at a little auction yesterday. Thanks for any help.
  10. Grabbed it off a website, may or may not see the anvil but was intrigued by the "arch of the base. I'm in Shelby Co. Ohio
  11. This anvil appears to have an unusual arch under the main body. I know the picture is poor quality, but does anybody have a guess as to the maker?
  12. AIA Lists Black Jack Keen Cutter as made by H-B for Simmons Hdw. in St. Louis in 1913-14. There is a picture in AIA p, 291 where the Stamp is " Keen Cutter" with a "C" . I saw an old Keen Cutter ad from Simmons that listed a blacksmith starter kit that included a 125lb anvil as well as other anvils.
  13. Here are three I got lately: A 200 lb. + American Star Hornless A 110 lb. Atwood A 152 lb. Peter Wright I picked up the American Star on a camping trip in Michigan and got the other two at local auctions.
  14. Has anyone ever seen a Finsrong anvil? I came across one offered in an local farm auction. It looks to be in pretty nice shape but I've never seen one and can find no information on that brand.
  15. Found a 100 # Colombian on an online auction for $268.00 It looks like it has never been struck. It cleaned up beautifully and rings like a church bell on Easter! What a nice anvil to have for my 2nd one.
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