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  1. I get most of mine from Tandy. Craftsman grade double shoulder. 6-9 Oz for sheaths. I did buy some superior grade for a tote I made for my wife.
  2. I couldn't do it without my pony. Definitely wet the leather. I also made this little cedar block to hold most of the tools.
  3. It's really not bad at all. I have only been working with leather a few months and have really picked up on it fast. You can look up #cmaggardmetalworks on Instagram to see some of the sheaths I've been making. I just watched a bunch of YouTube videos, ordered some stuff and went at it,which is also how I started making knives and blacksmithing.
  4. Tea bags is a neat idea. I may have to make a small test batch. Thanks
  5. 0000 steel wool dissolved in white vinegar, then run through a coffee filter. Takes about a week unless you keep boiling it.
  6. This was made from a 29 inch saw blade from a mill. Sparked like xxxx, and hardened up good. I gave it a good test on this board, and it did perfect. I ebonized walnut, then sanded back the top for the handles.
  7. My next plan is to put a welding blanket on a round curtain rod that I can surround the grinding area.
  8. I got to teach someone how to make a bottle opener and leather sheath yesterday. It was the first time I had ever made anything in front of someone, very rewarding experience.
  9. You can see my first stand in the last Pic. After it rocked on me and got me burnt, I put it on the metal one with cement anchors. Added the grinder holding bar later.
  10. Thanks guys, I wish I could take credit for the texturing, but it was already on the square stock. I put the twist, loop, and poker part on though. Lol It is a great anvil Chris. Thanks
  11. Got a bunch of metal staircase spindles from a house that burnt down. 1/2 inch or 5/8 I'll measure later. It's pretty tough stuff to beat on.
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