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  1. Thanks for all the advice everyone! I am probably going to not grind for now, learn the craft, get smarter and make that decision later. The idea of restoring it later does seem appealing, but we will see!
  2. 1899, that's pretty cool. Thanks for the information!
  3. Hey all, My brother, father and I have decided we are going to learn this craft. None of us have any experience, but are all excited to learn! After researching anvils for a month or so to get an idea of what to look for, I came across a 160# hay budden which I think looks like it is in great shape for a good deal. I can't quite read the first two digits of the serial number on the foot under the horn (maybe 44?). I don't have the master book (Anvils in America), does anyone have an idea of when this beauty was made?
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