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  1. I did this exact thing for the heat treatment of my first straight razor. Worked perfectly. Almost zero scale.
  2. Jclonts82

    Buy a shear?

    Latticino, you... are a smart man. I just looked and I can get a 12" X 0.375" round of nickel 200 for about the same price as a 12" X 1..5" X 1/16. I can easily forge that square and its More bang for the buck. I will look for thicker wire in a spool too if I can find it the thickness I need. Thanks Kozzy, I'm planning on making types of damascus mosiacs with nickel and Carbon-steel. Think of a picture made of pixels, but using nickel and steel strips/powder carefully layered to form a black/white image. Forge-welded solid into a bar, cut into pieces then used for various projects. Any distortion on the edges can be cleaned up a bit if needed. I need to do lots of experiments before I start with the expensive stuff. I'm researching ALL methods and practicing technique first.
  3. Jclonts82

    Buy a shear?

    I wanting to cut some strips of various nickel alloys (1/16 to 1/8 inches thick) by about 2 inches wide for now, maybe wider in the future. But I need the cut piece to be square in dimension. IE, I have a 12 inch flat strip that is 2" wide X 1/16th thick , and I want to cut it into small 1/16 square pieces that are 2" long. Since nickel alloys are fairly expensive, I want save on material loss that would otherwise come from a band-saw or even a jewlers saw cutting the strips by hand. I imagine a shear-type tool will fit the bill. However I have NO experience using one at all, and would like some recommendations. I can get a Baileigh MPS-8G shear for about $200. anyone have experience cutting this small/accurately with a shear? and would something like this meet my needs, or any other alternatives would be appreciated. If my project works and doesn't frustrate me to no end, I will be doing a LOT of this in the future, so tool cost-investment is worth it to me. Thanks
  4. Jclonts82

    Pattern Weld Etchant Question

    I have researched quite a bit, and have found that about a 20% solution is generally as strong as you want to get. you can go lower and etch longer until you get the desired effect. its more careful that way too. In my world of pharmaceuticals, the shortcut i use for making anything with pure powder is this: 1% = 1gm in 100mls. 20% = 20grams in 100mls. expanded out to a liter: 200 grams in 1000mls = 20% if starting with ~60% liquid, adding an equal volume would cut the percentage in half. ie 250mls 60% concentrate + 250mls H2O = 500 mls of 30% concentration. I buy the 60% and mix 100mls concentrate to 300 mls water for a final concentration of about 15%
  5. I would suggest that *MOST* of your ordered stock will come annealed from the mill. Any home brew heat you try to do in a forge will likely leave it harder than it came shipped. Of all the steels to try first, I would have saved the 52100 for last. Its more picky on the heat treat. Plus it has a reasonable amount of Chrome in it, that forms chrome carbides which are very hard, and likely what killed your saw blades. The 5160 and 1080 are much more forgiving in my humble opinion. I like seeing the meticulousness of your approach! Good work, and keep at it. Don't be afraid to ask specific questions if you cant find the answers yourself.
  6. Jclonts82

    Results of first week of making

    I would get a (eventually many) good file. It is amazing how much work you can get done with a file, also some C-clamps, small cheapos are fine. Clamp the piece to a piece of wood, a bench etc... if you dont have a vice. The good thing about using files is you can get a pretty straight bevel/flatness to the work, and its more controllable than an angle grinder.
  7. With that remark, I imagine a banana for scale in the picture might be appropriate? Unless I'm way off the mark, in which case, disregard this comment completely.
  8. Jclonts82

    Flooded Forge

    Is the chair leaning against the stand with the tie plates & hammers an emergency #2 station? I do see what looks like scorch/blast marks? lol
  9. Jclonts82

    Crazy pricing on D2 and other steels

    This was my guess as well; drops for slightly above the price of scrap. it was $53 TOTAL shipped. I see now its at ~$47. With amazon prime, its free shipping. Either a drop, or someone missed a number typing in the price! lol
  10. Jclonts82

    Crazy pricing on D2 and other steels

    I found it on amazon oddly enough. I'm planning on taking about a 1/2-3/4" cut and using some power to forge it into a kitchen knife. Because it will take a mighty force to move a 2" thick chunk of this stuff. (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007RRTCLW/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1)
  11. Jclonts82

    Crazy pricing on D2 and other steels

    Well it came in, and I tested it, and I do indeed believe I got a 42#bar of D2. The toddler wanted to hold 'daddy's BIIIIIG heavy steel" I have a KNOWN bar of D2 I bought from NJ baron, and I compared the two. I took a 1/4 slice of the round and did a spark test (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTeLpKm-zwI) video is wobbly because the phone is in shirt pocket and the grinder moves me I guess, lol... known bar on left, round on the right. Same color temp, same spark pattern and length. I also heated up a small section of each and hammered on it to see how they felt under the hammer... I thought 52100 was tough... This doesn't move unless its what is orange to my eyes... then I heated both to to 1850 and let them air cool in still air. For the samples I didn't bother with anoxic atmosphere /SS foil. Rockwell files put both samples between 60 and 65. I guess its the real deal, or for my amateur purposes, close enough!
  12. Jclonts82

    Complete Beginner

  13. Jclonts82

    maximising edge retention, A study

    more surface area contact can mean more drag?
  14. Jclonts82

    It followed me home

    Anyang 88#. Decided I needed a road trip, so picked up in person rather than ship. BIGGUNDOCTOR, Alvord Texas. Just outside Ft Worth. James Johnson is the Anyang-USA dealer, and FANTASTIC to work with.
  15. Jclonts82

    It followed me home

    4000 lbs of thumpity thump! HMMMMM... probably could have thrown some more straps on it.. somewhere...