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  1. Yes I can get you pics of those. Can you tell me how many of these anvils were made?
  2. Ok. This is what the bottom of the Anvil looks like.
  3. Does anyone know anything about Hay budden anvils (BLACK PRINCE) that where made for shapleigh hardware company . The markings on it are 132 A90613. I believe the 132 is the weight. Does the other numbers tell me anything about the anvil?
  4. I just recently acquired a black prince anvil Shapleigh hardware company St.Louis Missouri. I have done just a little research found out a little information. I do have a number on the front, 132 which I'm guessing is the weight and then an A90613 which I'm guessing is the serial number I'm just wondering if anybody knows how to decipher the serial number to tell me information about it. I would really appreciate as many responses as possible. This anvil belonged to my grandfather which was from Texas. Then was given to my dad. Now that my dad has passed it belongs to me.
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