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Currently employed as a Tool and Cutter Grinder and Presetter at Some Aerospace Plant. New job is interfering with my work in the forge. :-(

05/24/16: Well, been at this fifteen months now - my starry-eyed dreams of working in a jet propulsion components factory dashed against the rocks of mediocrity, the Romance of the idea splattered quite completely out of the torn hide of my hopes. Invited to work seven nights a week.

12/22/16: Settling in on the job. Proceeding with pragmatic optimism and selective intolerance.  Retooling the Smithy is a tedious affair - Runoff from the mountain still passing through on its way to the creek.

06/21/17: Two days off a month is plenty for everyone, said the boss who refuses to work weekends let alone past eight hours in a day. 

Anyone remember those days when we could afford to be poor, and do our own thing?


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