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  1. I have some monster chain from a Steel Mill that I have a good amount of feet that I will use for this. I bordered it around my vise table and just wrapped some around base for weight. I don’t know why it is sideways.
  2. Could you give me a few dimensions of your power hammer that you went over on YouTube?  I want to build one based on it and could use some basic sizes to get started.

  3. I know this is an older thread but this is the next hammer I want to build. I have been looking for something a little different that also looked great. I love the features of this hammer. Where can I get some dimensions to a hammer like this?
  4. Arftist do you have any pictures of your hammer? Johnny Woolsey do you have any more info on your planned build?
  5. I am wanting to build a large hammer in the 150-200 pound range. I have already built a Clay Spencer 65 pound hammer and love it, but I want to build something that hits a lot harder but slower as well. I was told that a helve hammer would suit this better, told that it hits harder than the same weighted tire hammer but with less control. I spoke to Clay about beefing up the 65 design and he pointed me to look at the sizes of the 100#Little Giant to get an idea of how much to scale up. Which design would work best at 150-200 pounds and 150ish bpm?
  6. No way, some ribbing is all good, don’t have thin skin. You guys and especially you Mr Powers provide way to much valuable information and knowledge it would be crazy to ignore you or anyone willing to post a reply. If I came off as upset I am sorry if anything I might have been stressed with the baby being really fussy. Some of it is to make some different top tools and hammers and such under the power hammer. I have seen some people use hammer eye tongs at the power hammer but it seems to unstable. Maybe I just need to practice.
  7. Thanks for the tips guys and guys will do some ribbin’ on just about anything, I will have to be alittle more prepared next time lol.
  8. Mr Powers thank you for the boop on the back of the head and the better way of thinking about the responses and the possible reasons for the type of replies. It is so easy to take things wrongly on the internet and all types of social media. I do want to know what a Barley corn is lol. I know now there is always a lot to learn from trial and error and mistakes however when I am working I work 7 days a week an average of 70-80 hours a week in a steel mill and I have 4 young kids. The point being is that when I do have time to forge and want to be around the heat after being i
  9. Inch Inch, all but one of the people that replied are from the States, But I am sorry to make you guys have to assume. I was typing with one hand while rocking my 2 month old daughter. IFI has over 47,000 members from over 150 countries, and many of them read things and do not post. Some may not read this for months. we try to post for everyone
  10. 1 1/2 square, Thank you for the point towards the pdf. I have seen that and have it saved to my phone but I don’t know how to figure up the best size to start with. I will just fumble my way through it, I have some 1 1/4 and 1 1/2 1045 the I will see what happens.
  11. What size stock should I start with for a 1 1/2 V tongs?
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