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  1. Yep, I agree with the others, nice design which keeps the mind rolling when looking at it. Looks Great !
  2. Oh yeah, I have used spray on polyurethane with great results. Never had any customer complaints of rust. Of course every few years it needs touched up.
  3. Yep, I think you guys nailed it. It just doesn't seem like a high enough drop to split big wood. Maybe kindling. Or he may have used a 3 or 4 way wedge welded on to the slider and smacked it with a sledge. Anyway, I think you guys hit it with something to do with wood splitting.
  4. I pulled this out of an old shed figuring that the upright pipe was solid and I could use it later for something. The pipe stands about 2 ft. tall, hollow with a welded flat cap on the top. The collar on the bottom is welded tight and has a non sharpened wedge sticking out. The other collar can slide up and down on the pipe and has a similar wedge or tab sticking out. I have been trying to figure out what this was used for, for a long time. Any ideas ?? Its homemade
  5. It's ok Frosty, I'm not right in the head either. Tubalcain 2 its just plain sheetmetal and steel with a coat of poly.
  6. Hope everyone is doing well here. Been a while since I stopped by. I finished up a big underwater sculpture not long ago and titled it Chesapeake as I am near the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. It stands 8 ft at its tallest. I had a great time putting it all together. Check out the pics
  7. Picked up this anvil not long ago. It has been beat pretty good. Horn has a piece welded in and from the hardy back it was busted off at some point. Just tying to get an idea as to what make it is and maybe how old it is.. It sits low from the base and has a quiet ring similar to my fisher. I couldn't find any markings anywhere. It as seen better days but I going to keep working it as the face isn't too bad. Thanks for any ideas. Smoke
  8. Yeah compared to my 100 pounder side by side it's like the titanic docked up next to a tug boat.
  9. Oh yeah guys, flattened a few flowers. Me and my buddy were struggling to get that thing into my pickup . Poor guy even picnched his fingers between the horn and the tailgate. I bought him a hot dog to make up for it.
  10. Hi folks, saw this 1907 400lb Fisher sitting in a flower bed at a house I drove by many times. I saw he had horses. I had an old roping saddle in my basement. I took it over and we traded. I have been using a 100 lb Fisher for years to do my work. Can't wait to throw some hot iron on this one. Take care and happy hammers. Smoke
  11. @windancer, I form both sides of the fish separate and then weld and hammer as I go. 18ga sheet metal
  12. I'll take a stab at it.. I would say you can get $ 2,500.00 USD and up. This is a very nicely done work of art.
  13. Hey Frosty, I am selling them as fast as I can make them. Actually one buyer wants me to make her an Alice in wonderland garden. Large rabbits, caterpillars and mushrooms. She left out the lions, tigers and bears.....oh my !
  14. I have two ceiling fans in my shop that I run on low when using the mig with argon. it normally .displaces the cloud that forms around me. If I use flux core, I turn them on high. Normally use just a filtered mask, and hold my breath until I pass out. (Just Kidding) when I am welding suspicious stuff.
  15. Hi all, I decided to try my luck with a Bass instead of another KOI. My house is starting to smell with all these fish around ! I used another old plow disk for the base.
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