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    Addicted to making things.


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    Anchorage, Alaska
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    Addicted to making things.

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  1. Really like your post, thank you. My boss always says-" Don't think with someone else's checkbook" It has made a big difference to me in my day job.
  2. Glad you like it. Have at, would like to see your when you are done. 8-)
  3. Fish, planning on using it with 3 hooks below for a key holder Slowly building stock for a show this fall. 20210726_070827.mp4
  4. Sweet deal! Needed to cut corners on flat bar for a small production run.
  5. Found a couple more in the shop this morning
  6. Thanks! Would love to see what you come up with. I was going to do that but got distracted by something else that needed forging..8-)
  7. Here is a photo of my first feather, I ended up doing another later that is even better but can't find the photo. The tip was ground to make a stiff quill pen. It worked with ink, but not really well.
  8. When tuning my saw I grab a scrap of large diameter square tube, it is easy to measure the cuts in the tube with a square and make adjustments. The larger the tube the more obvious the errors are. Helps a lot when trying to dial in the last couple degrees. Really can be frustrating when you are cutting wedges, but stick with it (after you get that new blade) Once you get it right the whole world will seem like a brighter place...
  9. Absolutely not, that is why I'm waiting for these guys to get experience first. Dont worry I'm not a glutton for punishment...no bellows here. We can handle supplies, just going to take some time.
  10. It was the one at the campground by the river in Palmer. 2019 I think? I do want to do another one, hopefully larger. There are about 5 guys I know quietly learning about smelting. Hoping next year we could do a combo hammer in/smelt. Maybe Knik would work.
  11. My Brother! I am an introverted extrovert: Good a not making conversation and terrible at being alone...8-) All this talk of QS makes me itchy to go to one. Wish we had a really good hammer in up here in AK. Frosty came to one we tried throwing and it was a blast, just kinda small with only 4 smiths...
  12. I have a millwright friend that introduced me to it. My favorite electrode to weld with, especially with DC. Works brilliantly to weld bearing steel to mild, its like welding with butter. I have made a few into press tools that way and have never had any weld issues with it ever.
  13. You will go far with an attitude like that! Epic project man, right on!
  14. Awesome, I knew someone out there spent more time on this issue than me. Thank you. I will try dressing the edge for sure! I may even get one of those air nozzle attachments and blow air on the wheel to cool it.
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