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  1. The Association of Alaskan Blacksmiths is proud to present our 2019 Visiting Instructor- Peter Braspenninx of Phyre Forge. If you are unfamiliar with his work take a look at his gallery! http://www.phyreforge.com/gallery-1 Day one is to be basic to intermediate Joinery and layout. Day two will build on the previous days work and stretch to include fire welding. Class will be held at Arctic Fire Bronze Studio in Palmer Sept 21-22 of 2019 and will be limited to 6 students. Fee $300.00 Prepayment required to reserve your spot. Serious inquiries please PM me for ticket sales information.
  2. Aside from the obvious things like saving on therapy costs and generally living a happier life I have met some fantastic people that I otherwise would not have had the honor of knowing. I have learned more than I care to admit and a couple callouses that I am pretty proud of.
  3. looks nice! Patina is always the big issue to tackle once you can weld and get a good pattern. I hear there are some good commercial formulas, but they are way to expensive for me to try in Alaska. I get pretty good results darkening copper with Ammonia fumes. Easy to go to long though, and it effects brass about the same as copper. Looks really good on nickel/ copper mixes.
  4. that is a really nice looking billet for a first go at it!
  5. Hi, Mike. Are you here in Alaska? PM me and we can talk if you are. If so you just missed our Group Build on Gas forges, but we could help with plans for you and sourcing parts locally.
  6. I am so tired of hearing about forging swords, I need one of those as well. 8-)
  7. I have a soft spot for portable equipment. I have made numerous portable kits mainly for use at our club meetings. Happy to see your set up. I see it really lacks nothing. 8-) on that last photo what is the hammer with the guard?
  8. The one on my portable forge is light but works well for what I normally do. Diamond holes on the frame, front and back stop twisting and allow for the 3/8" stock bar to be slid in and out as needed. The dogs slide as well so they can be stowed for travel. the whole rod stows in the leg.
  9. If you want to weld steel it is easier to accomplish than Mokume and typically cheaper to practice with.
  10. Please note the meeting is Saturday the 15th. 8-) See you there!
  11. That looks like a scary dig to be in, glad you are done with it!
  12. The Blacksmith’s Project Book Antonello Rizzo ISBN 978-0-9979798-2-4 Hardcover, 248 pages, over 900 color photos Mr. Rizzo has assembled a very nice overview of 20 projects as done by skilled artists. These are not your run-of-the-mill blacksmithing projects, but are nearly all sculptural in nature. You get a chance to see how a professional gets to the end result they want, which is a real treat, and with 900 color photographs it has a lot to offer. Many of the smiths in the book may be familiar-the most notable being Zeevik Gottlieb,who shows you his main steps in creating a steel figure. The photos are close, clear and very informative, giving you a good look at a real master at work. Another particularly interesting project is the eye-opening design and construction of a Venetian door knocker. Seeing the layout will spur you to consider the proportions you use in your own work so you can reap the results as well. All in all, I think this is a worthy follow up to Mr. Rizzo’s previous book and is definitely worth your time, especially if you are looking to expand your own work artistically and differentiate your projects from others.