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  1. Not yet, we just confirmed he is coming. should have something after the next meeting in March.
  2. Palmer and or Anchorage Alaska. We may split it between the two places.
  3. Thanks for posting my blurb Glenn! We are very excited to host him.
  4. Copper and brass Mokume Gane pendant. 1-1/2" wide.
  5. Sorry it took me so long to see this, I got no notice. I have a jewelry roller and love it. they don't open as wide as I would like though. wish I had a McDonald as well. It would be much better for items like bolsters where the jewelry ones are only good for thin stuff.
  6. thank you
  7. Thank you, I couldn't be happier and I can't speak highly enough of Mr. Austin. He was a really good teacher. We usually get a guest teacher up every summer and we are trying to get him to come up so our whole group can see the process first hand.
  8. thats a good start! I bet she will love it. the good thing about pendants is they don't take a lot of stress so they hold up just fine when you have small crazing. Looking at this I would say you probably want to work harder to keep the air out from between the coins when you are heating. try hammering the coins flat before cleaning and stacking, that will be a big help I think.
  9. Always, thank you. It wouldn't bother me if the thread gets derailed...8-) I have used roofing copper from a local roof supply company and it worked fine. It sometimes needs a little extra elbow grease to clean it up but is typically cheap and easy to get. I ordered some low oxygen (LOHC) copper sheet from Online Metals via the web. It was not cheap but it is really nice to work with. the only failure I have had with it was my own dumb fault. Low Oxygen High Conductivity copper is way less susceptible to cracking so it is forgiving stuff to forge and seems to weld better in my opinion. They also had some Cartridge brass sheet. it welds to the copper good. if you are using a kiln set it at 850c, or it is fine in the forge as well. I buy fine silver in an ingot and roll it out myself to whatever thickness I want. I have heard you can buy ingots of sterling, but I have never tried that. the fine silver/ copper is a nice easy combo, if you try it after doing copper/ brass be careful as it melts at a much lower temp. Good luck with it!
  10. January 21st at Pats in Palmer.
  11. that little bear is a nice touch. I have always wanted to make a nice toybox. I still have scars from ours as a kid. (uncle had no idea how to clinch nails...)
  12. hey, I like that a lot! good job!
  13. That is a well crafted Pun. For you today? One slow clap my friend...
  14. Frosty. I will be bringing it for sure!
  15. Bad um ta Ching!