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  1. Pan forge converted to side blast JABOD

    cool, thanks guys!
  2. Pan forge converted to side blast JABOD

    I may want to do this myself. Charles how high up from the forge floor would be reasonable? also please enlighten me on JABOD?
  3. Gas forge or oxy/acet?

    Danjmath, no matter the heat source with coins there are things you can do to improve your chances and the quality of the results. The mantra of CLEAN material is very important. Even though it is possible to use uncleaned pocket change it is an advantage to clean it. It gives you a similar starting point every time so you can focus on what else you need to adjust to do it better next time. Scale that will interfere in a weld on most non ferrous materials is a REALLY thin layer, often it is hard to see. Don't be fooled, sand immediately before cleaning and welding for most consistent results. Scale needs air to form so the forge needs to be running just a little rich to slow it from forming. This also means leave it in the forge till ready to weld, no taking it out just for a look. Coins are lumpy, which makes little gaps for hot gases from a forge or torch to get in and make scale, undoing all your hard work of sanding and cleaning. often the only welds actually being made are the high spots where the coins touch, it is difficult if not impossible to simply hammer past that remaining thin line of scale and make a solid billet. This has got to be the number one issue smiths face with coins and most won't have the insight to see the root issue because it is not as critical when welding steel. Aquick couple blows from a flat faced hammer on a cold coin can really be an advantage when welding later. Good luck to you!
  4. Gas forge or oxy/acet?

    in my opinion heat is heat, so I would go for cheaper. I also like to make larger billets and a torch would be less favorable. Even though not as cool you generally can get better product using a kiln with temp controls.
  5. Super newbie looking to start learning the craft

    Hey glad to hear from you. We have an Alaskans only facebook page. if you are on there search association of Alaskan blacksmiths. If not send me a pm and I will do what i can to introduce you around. Oh and next meeting is March 24th in Palmer. At arctic fires bronze studio.
  6. viking axe class

    forgive me it was a year ago. I think it was about 5/8" thick 2x3.5 inches or so. I have done wrap and weld before the class but Jim does this cool asymmetric wrap around the eye that works great and was apparently common for the age. the bit being welded in entirely separate. His video is on it is the single clearest smithing video ever. you can see everything perfect. the only thing better was taking the class and having the help to do it.
  7. viking axe class

    thank you Jspool!
  8. Next mtg?

    Hey Ergo scheduled for 1\27\18 in Palmer. You know where Arctic fires bronze studio is? You can see our schedule online if you are on Facebook. At the association of Alaskan blacksmiths.
  9. July 2017 meeting

    Pistol, a map in case you need it! https://www.google.com/maps/place/3800+Taiga+Dr,+Anchorage,+AK+99516/@61.1034292,-149.8201448,14.6z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x56c89a3ad3df08a7:0xfac957ca63fba11f!8m2!3d61.1023683!4d-149.811158
  10. September 30 meeting!

    ***UPDATE*** This just in! Due to scheduling issues the meeting location needs to be moved to Jim's place in Anchorage. Still on 9-30-17 3800 Taiga Dr. Anchorage, AK
  11. July 2017 meeting

    We will! Sept. 30th in Palmer is our next meeting. Are you on Facebook? we have a page for Alaskans only, it would help you meet us all and see meeting info. see- Association of Alaskan Blacksmiths If not send me a PM and I can get you more details!
  12. Alaska Hammer in/ Camp out

    Woo Hoo! that sounds like a blast!
  13. Alaska Hammer in/ Camp out

    Mr. Barkwood is hosting a Hammer in/ Camp out and you are invited! August 12-13th at Matanuska River Campground. 925 E Arctic Avenue, Palmer, Alaska 99645 I don't know about you but I think this is WAY overdue! This is family friendly so bring the whole crew. If you have not been there before it is a nice little spot, there is a playground for the kids as well. Keith has reserved 4 large flat adjoining campsites and cleared the concept with the park management. The main thing they were concerned about was that we don't put forges on the picnic tables, so bring your own and lets get this party started!
  14. July 2017 meeting

    Jim asked me to put out the word that snacks/ beverages would be appreciated if we could bring some.
  15. July 2017 meeting

    Just a friendly reminder that the Association of Alaskan Blacksmiths are holding their next meeting this Saturday 7-15-17 at Jim Hutto's shop in Anchorage. Sat 9 AM · 3800 Taiga Dr, Anchorage, AK 99516-2858 It is open to the public. One current discussion is planned- Building the Frosty T-Burner. But there is guaranteed to be a lot more happening. As always please bring eye protection, it is good to have even if you are not forging as others will be.