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  1. Hey I just recently moved to Tucson in Arizona, though I've been a member here for a while, I figured I would start once again with a post here to see if there might be anyone near me who also does smithing.
  2. Yeah the first two are during night. And yes I can see the colors of the metals very well at night haha. I've gotten used to it, but I'm still just practicing working the metals.
  3. Well I live in Vegas which is incidentally not far from a big Coal mine, so I can get coal for the same price as Charcoal here. I've been told Coal was better because it traps radiant heat a lot better which yields a more thorough heating of the metal, we well as burning longer than charcoal. It's actually harder for me to get Charcoal here because I live in a treeless desert. I was just taken by how hot I got it without really trying. Today I get to build my foundry! Waste oil for the win baby.
  4. Oh indeed, as cheap as it was, I just wanted to see what it was like without it, attempting a forge weld without a flux to gain an appreciation for having it.
  5. I did indeed, and I've avoided that happening a second time. Part of the issue I think I didn't have borax the first run through so the scale build up was so think even after brushing it, It never actually looked that hot. I could tell it was just off the radiant heat alone, but the color itself never really got past a bright red. Even when the steel was molten which was odd to me. However the second run with it using the borax, I was able to clean the steel up quite nicely and see the various color changes it goes through while heating up. I was able to do a sloppy, yet successful forge weld.
  6. Well I wasn't thinking it wouldn't get hot, I knew charcoal burns hot enough to melt Iron. I just didn't realize I was blasting enough air to make it get that hot. I mean it's not like I'm running a blast furnace filled to the brim with charcoal. I wasn't expecting -THAT- heat. Consequence to learning what it's capable of haha. Still though I have plenty of fun with it.
  7. So I was playing with Titanium and some Carbon Steels. Underestimated how hot I could get the charcoal and melted the metals haha. Still though it was fun. My set up isn't pretty, but for someone with no money and using what I could find, I don't think it's too shabby. Thoughts?
  8. yeah actually I've found quite a bit on that place. Tools I've been looking for and such it's been a great help.
  9. The place Gundoc showed me was actually really nice, it doesn't have a really high carbon content like 1090 but it's got an incredible range of metals and supplies.
  10. Of course, but to save myself a lot of time, I'm just going to buy the metal pre-graded. Also considering the fact that I don't have a great deal of space to comfortably build a bloomery or a Tatara in order to make the steel. But the idea being if I were to get my hands on the metals I want with the hardness/toughness I'm looking for already set, just use the lamination techniques they did and still do. If it works then I should make something quite satisfying to me, if I mess it up? Well then I will just fold it all into a Damascus and make something less complicated haha.
  11. Well as I said in the above my idea was to work with a blade. I did say blade. I did not specify type of blade. But the topic of the post was not about making the blade, the topic was looking for a dealer of specific metal alloys. Explaining my idea was to give the more knowledgeable people such as yourself and The doctor there a more specific idea of my intentions so that you would understand I was looking for specific metals for specific purposes, but not in large amounts. Whether it's layers of lamination the concept is the same. Looking for differently graded metal alloys to do the job I intend them to do. Sarcasm is a personal trade as well, as I'm sure you noticed. I mean no disrespect and I do appreciate the answer, but this topic was about finding metal, not about making a knife. I just find answers are much more easily reached with details as opposed to general sentences thrown at a crown expecting a bite.
  12. I'm actually not talking about Damascus, I was referring to the Japanese laminating method, as opposed to forge welding everything into a single bar. Actually I posted it in the non-ferrous metal section because I was inquiring if anyone might know of a supplier of more than just Steels and Ferrous metals. As I recall from an earlier post of mine there were a couple individuals that are stationed not far from me. I never once mentioned it was for a knife, sword, axe or any particular tool. I was just looking for a metal supplier. But I thank you for the sarcasm. I was just giving examples, use it as you will. This is exactly what I was hoping to find and I thank you, sir. I'm just going to start with scrap metal to get into the flow of doing this, but I wanted to have a source of grade specific metals. This was actually a lot more helpful than I was expecting.
  13. Okay so I've been hunting around for some metal suppliers that would deal in specific metal alloys. I have plenty of scrap yards near by but you can't really gauge the quality of the metal and what it contains. My idea is to try and work with a multi layered blade using a soft steel for the core, and for example using a Tungsten/steel alloy for a blade edge. I've contacted some of the steel suppliers in vegas, a few have said they only deal in carbon steels and SOME titanium alloys, others have said they only deal in bulk steels.
  14. Grem

    Forge handle?

    My local library is worthless, as far as obscure subjects go, such as blacksmithing. I just use a combination of E-books and Amazon. Generally I'll get the E-book because if they aren't free most of them are stupid cheap (About the cost of checking books out for a month). If I feel ike they're worth buying, I'll spend the $30 on a hard copy of the book for reference and on the go reading.
  15. Grem

    Forge handle?

    Well that's why we have the wonderful powers of the internet. I can preview just about any book and find it's worth. Sucks being poor but you do what you can right? In other news, I'm picking up the materials to build my forge on Tuesday. Estimated cost is around $50 for everything, I'm excited to get this train moving.