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  1. That looks good. How big is the fire pot? One suggestion i have would be to trim a small section of the angle iron flush with the table top. That way you can lay your workpiece level into the sweet spot in the fire. That's just my opinion. Now, show us a couple pics of some hot steel in it.
  2. Picked up a 1500# drum of high carbon steel blasting media for work. A couple gallon jugs are getting filled up to take home. The manufacturer puts it in the 1080-1090 classification. .96% - .98% carbon content.
  3. Thanks for wire idea Thomas, i will have to keep that in mind for the future. Unfortunately it is only a 2 sided shop with a roof & thick 60mil plastic walls to block the cross breeze at the moment. A temporary structure just to keep the elements away for now.
  4. So, i go out of town for a week and come back to see this.... i relocated it very carefully with gloves on to about 3ft away in a separate spot in the smithy... hopefully the robin wont abandon the eggs. If she does, the nest may just end up in a plexiglass box filled with polyurethane sitting on a shelf in the living room. Also found another nest in the frame rails of the 4x4 samurai...
  5. That shifter knob is awesome 58er. LBS, slow down a little, yer makin me feel like a chump. If i have half yer skill when i finally deciide to grow up, i will be pleased. Made the table (6ft) for a family friend that is letting my sister, her husband, and my mom stay at his place until they find their dream house. Cooked a bunch of crawfish for the family and friends, and this is what they all left me to deal with at 10pm. Will make some good red beans & rice or etouffee. There was still 2 more batches to cook after i took that pic... alot of mud bugs left... IT IS GOOD TO BE HOME (just for a visit)... hahahaaaa
  6. Yeah, finally got it to upload. Hope this helps for a reference for now.
  7. I keep trying to upload a pic for reference, but it aint lettin me.... i will take some measurements and upload a few pics when i get back home next weekend. Im currently stuck in Houston helping my sister move and don't fly back home til Saturday night.
  8. Thanks for the compliments guys, i got over 300ft left. Shoot me a pm with a city/state and i bet i can hook ya up cheaper than $15 a foot.
  9. That looks awesome, I'm diggin the recycled piano parts. Great lookin blade for a 1st attempt. I got over 300ft of cable to play with and I'm still trying to figure it out, sometimes it works, sometimes it dont.....
  10. Great looking knife, glad i could inspire someone. I still got lots of learnin to do myself. The blade isn't too big in my opinion, just needs bigger critters. Hahaaaa. Good job. Keep at it and if ya want, i can post some dimensions of my cable skinner if ya want. Copy away, it ain't gonna hurt my feelings none. I probably copied it off someone else anyway.
  11. Thanks for the info guys. I will pass the info along to him. The face is in like new condition with sharp edges and all, but there is a few spots that i didn't snap a pic of. It looks like someone used it as a cutting torch table or drilled a few holes in something and gouged the face once upon a time. Nothing too bad, but a few random spots and deep holes that didn't make sense, except abuse. Again, i appreciate all the replies,
  12. Hey fellas, trying to help a friend identify his anvil, was hoping the vast knowledge and expertise here could help a little. I was at my neighbors picking through his sawmill scrap pile, and we started talking blacksmithing. He has been interested in starting, but hasn't had enough time lately. So he offers me a look at some of his acquired equipment. This thing appears to be 2 pieces bolted together. I didn't get any pics of the bottom, (didn't want to flip it over because at 200+lbs, i was worried i couldn't flip it back upright). The base had a depression in the bottom, and i could clearly feel 2 square bolts going through to the main body of the anvil. It almost looks like the base does not fit the particular anvil. The numbers on the heelside of the base are left side 243 and right side 125708. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Thanks das. Gergely, thanks for the compliment. A doublewide is a trailer house that is basically 2 stacked side by side and attached in the center to make a larger more comfortable mobile home. Bigger than an average caravan/travel trailer. They put them up on concrete blocks to level the house and make a foundation. Most of the time they take the axles and wheels off after it has been placed on the foundation supports. Search the Internet (google) for a "doublewide mobile home", and/or modular homes, that might explain a little better. They are cheap to purchase and set up, compared to a traditional style house.
  14. That is a beautiful table!!! Great work.
  15. Finally mounted my giant fishing hooks to a chunk of poplar i got from a neighbor. I rubbed it down with a couple coats of boiled linseed oil. I'm happy with it, and it looks good in my doublewide. Hahahaaa