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  1. Ok, had some time to work on the scales a little more today. I did temper at 400 for 2 hrs, (got tied up on the phone and almost forgot about it). I did have to re-etch. It didn't show up as much contrast as it was before, but I'm happy with it. I ended up using deer antler. Pinned with 1/8th in brass rod & peened. 2 part clear epoxy and clamped together for 48hrs. Let it set for a couple more days until this morning and shaped the handle. This is my first knife with any sort of handle besides a paracord wrap. I'm ok with it. I haven't finished the scales yet, planning on doing a coat of CA or polyurethane, probably the CA. Also planning a fake bolster attached, but gotta raid the ammo stash to see what brass i can fit around it. I'm also debating on sanding off the base of the antlers on the sides, but it fits good in my big paw. It looks a lil odd at first, but I think it leaves the look and feel of antler. I dunno, I'm debating it. Any and all pointers, opinions, criticism is always welcome.
  2. I made a few more yesterday, left is for a rig hand that gave me a handful of the slip dies, the other 2 were an after thought. I made a spatula (kinda small), and a roasting fork out of nails... thought, hmmmmm.... gotta have a matching set and need somethin to open a beverage with...or market the nail to people who like to get hammered. Hahahaaa. now i gotta figure out how to make bbq tongs out of a nail.
  3. Hey das, glad to see a shiny new machine in the shop. Glad yer feelin better. Good score with the metal detector LBS. I followed some advise from here and stopped by a suspension shop the other day.... a couple bucks and a couple rune keychains scored me a few chuncks of leaf spring, about a dozen or so. I emailed the manufacturers tech dept to see exactly what alloy they are made from. Even if i dont find out, it is better than old leaf spring material. After using it for a few small items and having cracks show up when yer halfway through the project is no fun. I finally realized that i need to find some new steel.
  4. Forge the rebar inta a couple s hooks or a couple wall hooks to hang tools on. Take some time and read this site. You will find a wealth of information by a bunch of experienced people. Knife making is what gets most people into this addiction, myself included, but i enjoy making other random stuff more than knives.
  5. Alot better than my first 3 attempts at making tongs. I have abandoned all but 1 pair still in the works. As long as they work for ya is what matters. Did you punch/drift the hole or drill it out? Either way, good job on a functioning tool.
  6. Try to contact the technical support team instead of sales. They should be able to help out with identifying the specific alloy used, especially if you can give them a part #. It has worked for me on several occasions. The sales department only cares about selling. Talk to the tech department and they have all the good info we need.
  7. Thanks for all the comments fellas, i didnt even think of marketing it left handed. I figured i would give it to a family member or friend to confuse them.
  8. I have 2 double row 4 footers and 1 double row 2ft over the workbench inside of a 16x16 shed/workshop. Its bright.... well worth the $$$ plus you'll save it in the long run. I also just put a single row 4 footer in the forge, 12x12 with 2 walls. I can actually see every nook and cranny in the smithy. I personally cant say enough good about the led lights.
  9. Thanks fellas, ive been debating on throwing it in the oven for a temper cycle just to be on the safe side. I guess im worried about screwing up the etch. Not like it is that hard to redo.
  10. Thanks das. Wine is definitely not for me. I might send it to my sister. See if she can figure out how to use it. Hahaaaa Thanks c-1
  11. Was waiting for a knife to normalize and figured i would try a corkscrew. I twisted it backwards, so, seeing how i had a xxxxxx moment..... its my left handed corkscrew.... started life as an old leafspring from the beater ford.
  12. Well i figured i would try a 3rd attempt at getting some of this cable to cooperate with me for more than a 3" billet. The blade turned out thinner than i want. But, for a skinner, it should be fine. Quenched in canola oil and i think i forgot to temper it. I was too excited to get it in the etch. Still need scales, tryin to decide between antler or finding a nice chunk of wood. Etched in warm vinegar for about an hour. Any criticism or pointers will be greatly appreciated. Ive made several kso's and very few decent knives. Finally have made one that I'm kinda proud of.
  13. I'm very impressed with how that turned out das, wish i would have seen this thread sooner.... i guess i need to come for another visit so i can fondle it in person.. hahaaaa....
  14. That is purdy, i agree with frosty, i like the look of the low count layers. Easier for my simple little mind to comprehend, hahaa. Looks great.
  15. Good to hear das, and again it was my pleasure, if ya wanna finish the blade on a belt grinder ya know where one is...