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  1. anyone have any tried and true recipes or methods of removing discoloration from stainless steel after welding...especially on interior corners that dont allow wire brush or scotchbrite to get deep enough...my fingers arent that pointy either!!
  2. where does everyone buy their powdered steel for making cannister or canoe damascus? have seen 1080 and 1095 in small 5 lb cans and from VERY few suppliers...
  3. only the corner scrolls were done with the torch....everything else was done in the coal forge.
  4. It definately took some forward thinking to figure out in what order to do what operation....how long each piece...what angle and length for the scroll pieces to fit in the square punched holes etc etc. All in all a very fun project and i got more and more excited to see the finished project as i got farther and farther along. Gotta figure out the next stretching exercise after i make the fancies for my new tool boxes that are under construction.
  5. The historical society had given us a line drawing of something period correct with absolutely no dimensions to work to and this is what we came up with...we didnt even have a dimension for their hearth to work with but in the end the andirons fit the space perfectly!!
  6. The Central Virginia Blacksmith Guild was asked to make all new iron hardware for a renovated 1790's house for the Louisa historical society. This set of andirons was started at my shop during my yearly hammerin/guild meeting. Clay Smith and I started the front pieces as other guild members cut up the crosspieces and hammered tenons on the ends. We werent able to finish them that day so i took a couple days to revamp the front pieces that were rather spindly from some overly aggresive power hammer work. I cut the balls off and forge weled them onto new front pieces that i hammered an edge
  7. Last months Central Virginia Blacksmith Guilds meeting was a trip to the National Cathedral in Washington and after seeing Samuel Yellins AWESOME/AMAZING (add extra adjectives as needed) work i decided I needed to try and see if I could do something along his lines just to stretch my abilities a bit and so after about 10-12 hrs on the forge this is what i came up with. Dont think i did too bad!! Its 9 1/2 inches square so you have an idea of scale. Keith MMM Fab & Forge
  8. Thanks for the link!! It showed what i needed...I still have to get a tap for 1/2X24tpi to thread onto the drill shaft and have to either get drill bits with standard shafts (all 1/2" shank) or get a drill chuck with a shaft and counterbore the hub thing to accept it so i can use any style drillbit. maybe make 2 hubs and do both!!
  9. My daily driver and work/show/event truck is a 88 GMC suburban 4X4 with 3" lift....also have an old 63 GMC stepside pickup i have the bed off of right now to move a new fuel tank back between the frame rails...
  10. The post drill has an integral shaft with the threading at 1/2"X24tpi. Obviously very non standard at least by todays standards....taps and dies are available for purchase but if a champion shuck can be found with this thread gage then thats what i would rather do.
  11. Howdy all! I just acquired a Champion post drill on a trade and its operational but a wee bit rusty buttttttt its missing the chuck. According to my gauge its a 1/2" X 24 thread. Is there such a critter?? And if so where can i get a replacement? I actually want to get rid of my modern drill press and use this post drill for everything so finding a chuck is rather important. Any help would be appreciated!! Keith
  12. I will be there with my new bellows forge....not strictly antique like i like but it looks it..LOL
  13. Ok...its about time i actually had something to put on this thread and what a haul it was!! a 25# Little Giant PH.....$1800.......a traveling bellows forge with post vise ..$250.....a very good condition 1920s vulcan 100lb anvil..$150....and a mess of coil springs of varying sizes..FREE......a double handful of horseshoes and 2 buckets of coal...$10.. now i need a bigger shop!!!!! have 3 coal forges and 1 propane...3 anvils and the power hammer amongst all the welding equipment and mechanics tools and of course the 1939 SB lathe i got off craigslist a cpl yrs ago for ....wait for it....
  14. I have never made any of the parts for a blackpowder gun but i do have an advantage on that score if i ever do....my father in law worked at Colonial Williamsburg for 28 years...a couple of years in the blacksmith shop and 20+ years in the gunsmith shop. He was laid off a cpl yrs ago and went into gunsmithing for himself. You can see examples of his work (and mine) at www.claysmithguns.com In fact he built me a rifle using some of my spare parts for Christmas...now i just have to do the finish work on the stock and furniture.
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