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  1. Bigfoot can you maybe sketch what you're describing? Thx
  2. Common problem i think
  3. I like it a lot. I am wondering is the handle might work loose with only one pin. Keep up the good work!!
  4. Hi stormcrow. Very nice work. What would something like that go for? Have you tested these abusively? Do they ever bend right behind the blade?
  5. Very nice work
  6. I really like that blade shape. Well done.
  7. Seems like this forum needs a section on sharpening. I didn't find it if it already exists. anyway, every knife, sword, axe, and spear maker and anyone using tools needs to be able to sharpen their edges. i recently saw a video on the razor sharp system. , i bought mine from the local woodcraft store. Used it several times and I'm very impressed. Easy and quick and sharper than I ever got before using stones, diamond doodads and belt sander with strop.
  8. Old world anvils has a hydro press that looks a lot like uncle al's,. Not identical but very close
  9. That is beautiful.
  10. Nice work. I like the handle shape. scout carry. Makes more sense to me,. More concealable, quicker access, no issues moving & sitting.
  11. I like it. Looks like it could take a beatin.
  12. it's a rare item that gets better as you zoom in.
  13. Nice work. Can you post an end view. Looking down the handle from the head end?
  14. Thanks. Yeah he was very happy. I'm hoping he gets to use it & give me some feedback.
  15. that's a good point. does micarta need to be sealed for this type of knife so it won't absorb, uh, fluids?