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  1. I think the knurl is unnecessary, smooth will give you finer starting and speed control. The 3' anvil should be OK if you're using bolt on dies. The top of my lower die is at 39.5", but I guess it depends on how tall you are.
  2. Not inexpensive, but good quality blacksmithing coal. Cumberland Elkhorn Coal & Coke 950 Swan Street Louisville, KY 40204 Telephone: (502)589-5300
  3. dkunkler

    $30 fleamarket find

    Sodium bicarbonate may work, but I prefer sodium carbonate (washing soda).
  4. Here is a good photo step by step on a hot cut. http://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/28865-making-a-hotcut/?fromsearch=1
  5. Thanks John, I wasn't quite clear. I meant hold as in it detains or halts its movement, not hold as in supports it.
  6. Yes, they're used on presses, can be man powered like a flypress. I guess it would work on an air hammer if you can generate enough up force to raise the ram and extract the punch.
  7. A stripper plate holds the punched object and strips it from the punch as the punch goes up.
  8. On most scroll chucks it doesn't matter which slots the jaws are in as long as they are in the proper sequence. If they're closing evenly they're in sequence. You have 3 combinations of slots they'll go in, check for best sliding fit with scroll out.
  9. http://www.ebay.com/itm/170711185092?redirect=mobile Can't beat this price.
  10. Disassemble completely and clean. Test that jaws slide freely without scroll in. Clean up any burrs or dings causing them to hang up.
  11. http://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/16880-question-on-repairing-the-screwbox-on-a-post-vise/ Check post #15 of this thread.
  12. You can catch a ride with me to the meeting next month if you like.
  13. Looks good, which switch did you end up using?
  14. Right-click on the center of the larger picture, then click on "Save picture as..." to save it.
  15. Yeah, the green lead seems a little squirrelly. It even looks like it has a larger lug, as grounds often do. I just don't want to see you smoke anything, and hope all goes well.
  16. I saw that switch at surpluscenter. http://www.surpluscenter.com/pages/Catalog285-152.pdf It looks like it comes in a couple of different versions, I would double check with a meter between all the leads just to be sure you have what you think you do.
  17. Looks like a couple of pexto plates in the top.
  18. Watch the video in this thread. http://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/26409-the-birth-of-a-tool-chisel-making-documentary-movie/?hl=slick
  19. "Slitter Geometry" http://www.iforgeiro...itter +geometry
  20. Control wires are easier to to run and safer too, they don't spray oil if they get damaged. It should be easy to incorporate an adjustable limit switch also.
  21. Now I'm thankful that you don't post pictures.
  22. Looks like a saw set for bandsaw blades.
  23. Glad you got it Josh, do you have any photos or drawings of the vise part you could post? Someone out here may have that part and not know what they have.
  24. There has been some discussion on that subject here. http://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/29858-1-piece-vs-2-piece/page__hl__%2Bpiece+%2Bhammer
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