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  1. dkunkler

    Tire hammer build.

    I think the knurl is unnecessary, smooth will give you finer starting and speed control. The 3' anvil should be OK if you're using bolt on dies. The top of my lower die is at 39.5", but I guess it depends on how tall you are.
  2. dkunkler

    possible fuel

    Not inexpensive, but good quality blacksmithing coal. Cumberland Elkhorn Coal & Coke 950 Swan Street Louisville, KY 40204 Telephone: (502)589-5300
  3. dkunkler

    $30 fleamarket find

    Sodium bicarbonate may work, but I prefer sodium carbonate (washing soda).
  4. dkunkler


    Good deal!
  5. Here is a good photo step by step on a hot cut.
  6. dkunkler

    hammer for the jury

    Thanks John, I wasn't quite clear. I meant hold as in it detains or halts its movement, not hold as in supports it.
  7. dkunkler

    hammer for the jury

    Yes, they're used on presses, can be man powered like a flypress. I guess it would work on an air hammer if you can generate enough up force to raise the ram and extract the punch.
  8. dkunkler

    hammer for the jury

    A stripper plate holds the punched object and strips it from the punch as the punch goes up.
  9. dkunkler

    Removing chuck jaws

    On most scroll chucks it doesn't matter which slots the jaws are in as long as they are in the proper sequence. If they're closing evenly they're in sequence. You have 3 combinations of slots they'll go in, check for best sliding fit with scroll out.
  10. dkunkler

    Brazeal Style Hammer - Round Stock Questions Can't beat this price.
  11. dkunkler

    Removing chuck jaws

    Disassemble completely and clean. Test that jaws slide freely without scroll in. Clean up any burrs or dings causing them to hang up.
  12. dkunkler

    A few bottle openers

    Both books excellent, step by step with lots of photos. It's money well spent.
  13. dkunkler

    Anvil Magazine Check post #15 of this thread.
  14. dkunkler

    Ft. Knox area

    You can catch a ride with me to the meeting next month if you like.
  15. dkunkler

    Bulldoze bender

    Looks good, which switch did you end up using?