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  1. You photographs look like renders from 3D software! At first I was thinking, "that can't be real" and then I went over to your Facebook page and saw you holding it. Great job on the photos, my only suggestion would be to throw something in there that makes it look less fake. (That's a compliment because all your angles on that thing are so straight!) Awesome job.
  2. Great to find someone within a few hours of me. Once I get a shop built and a permanent setup I'll let you know. Maybe you can pound some iron with me when you're this way. Thanks Nobody, I have a feeling my dog knows she's cool. She at least knows she's cute and sweet!
  3. I'm very blessed and grateful he's willing to teach me. It's a night and day difference between his teaching me in a properly equipped shop versus me trying to figure it out alone with minimal equipment and YouTube and written instruction alone. I am very happy I spent the time watching videos and reading before he started teaching me though. I already have some understanding of the concepts and terms that he's showing me. I'm sure that helps us keep the pace up. You're right, as nice as it looks compared to other things we have made, its very much a practice piece. The fact that we made fou
  4. Thanks, but credit goes to my instructor for pushing me so quickly and having well planned out lessons for me to do. He already had jigs for the scrolls so it was just a matter of me bending along the jigs. So its definitely nicer looking than if I had tried to freehand it or using jigs I made myself. I'm truely blessed to be able to learn from someone like him! Neil, I joined the blacksmith.org forum a while back but I find it harder to keep up with over iforgeiron.com. I'll have to look into officially joining them because I'm definitely enjoying forging and I'm sure I'll be doi
  5. I've made a few posts since I originally created my account, but I wanted to officially introduce myself. My name is Josiah Peters, I mostly go by Joey and I live in Boise, Idaho with my wife, dog and two cats. By trade I'm a software developer and I've always had a great joy for making things. I was inspired to get into blacksmithing while learning about timber framing by watching a video I saw by
  6. I found the english version if anyone wants to know what they're saying. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scdb18Mp4ac
  7. Which book is that? I'll be interested in picking that up.
  8. Brian, I just checked out their website and it looks like they've got some great product offerings and great prices. Now that I've looked a second time it looks like Ryerson has a location in Boise and I'll be giving them a call or making a trip over there. David, Thanks for the advice. I imagine as I work my way up to this goal of creating a hammer from scratch it would make a lot of sense to try using some of the tooling I will have to build on an existing hammer head like a small 4 lbs sledge or something. I am very excited to learn. I am a software developer by trade a
  9. Brian, Thank you for listing your dimensions! I do hope that I can fit taking a class from you into my schedule sometime in the next year. I really appreciate all your videos on YouTube and the posts you make here. David, I couldn't agree more. After lurking here for a few months I know how highly regarded Brian is and my glimpse into his teaching style through his YouTube videos makes me excited to take a class from him. Which I do intend to do. I was actually trying to schedule something over the holiday season because my in-laws live about 3 1/2 hours from his place. Unf
  10. I'm new to blacksmithing and I have been doing as much research by reading books, this forum, watching youtube, and gleaning any other information I can for the past four or five months. I've recently built my forge and I'm currently working on a pair of tongs. I've been watching Brian Brazeal's videos on YouTube and I've been reading up posts here on his rounding hammer. Right now I've got a blacksmith hammer with a flat face and a cross pien on the other side. I would love to try his style of rounding hammer out. Obviously making a hammer is a big step for someone new to blacksmithin
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