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  1. I ended up using "Knots" method - hammer finishing the roundstock a bit to give it some linear edges and then twisted it both ways and in various tightness. It turned out well. I have added a picture. It doesn't really show the texturing well. The leaf didn;t turn out that well and it looks more like an oak than a grape leaf but.... It is my first attempt and the fundraising chairman loved it. Someone else did as well as it was stolen before the silent auction was over.
  2. Actually forged from barstock. I am an old farrier so that is what I am used to..... HA HA
  3. Looking for a few suggestions on forging grape vine leaves. And what stock should I start with? Thanks ahead for the answers!!! Joe
  4. Thanks for the tips.... all sound worthy. Steve where are the pics of the Sean Conner Memorial?
  5. Any suggestions on texturing round stock to look like grapevine?
  6. Actually it is closer to 290lbs and from all pictures appears to be in very good shape. What price would you expect to pay for it? What is unreasonable?
  7. I am a horseshoer wanting to expand my metal working and I am looking for a shop anvil. Basically just general balcksmithing with a lean toward some blade smithing later. Is there any preference for anvils - style, manufacturer or size. I was just floating the idea of something around 200lbs. I apprenticed on a Hay Buden which I liked and have been offered a Peter Wright. Any opinions??? Or advice????
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