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  1. I am not sure if this has been posted but this guy not far from me was mixing up LPG cylinders full of oxyacetylene and selling them, he was trying to use one to heat some exhaust tube when it exploded, he was renting my friends mother in laws house, the description I got of the situation was hideous.
  2. A good medieval way to get rid of a headache if you get a dead mouse and crush it with a hammer and hold it agenst your forhead it will make your headache go away.
  3. I bent a stack of 7 leafs in one go for my hammer, I bolted them in the center and heated one half and bent them inch by inch in a half open vice and used a patton to keep them the same, then I sent them to the spring shop to make them hard, don't forget to compinsate for preload. Here is a pic of my hammer.
  4. The steel might rust away quit fast if you live somewhere damp, I used some big cast iron pipe joining rings to make mu bronze furnace and lined it with refactory cement, been using it for 7 years now
  5. Heaps of spiders in my shop, you carn't see out the windo from dirty spider webs
  6. I just made these 2 bronze doves for the nurse I met when I was in hospital a month ago, she is comming to get them on Sunday, I hope she likes them. they are quight big and very heavy, I they still have the cores in from when I cast them as I couldn't get it out.
  7. Its good to wear tight fitting googles with a mask wheen working with Kawool, asbestos etc, the dust can be carryed in thrugh your tear ducts into your body.
  8. I got a nice buffalo 200 forge blower, it was concreted into the floor in an old barn, I had to take part of the floor home with me. it looks good next to my tiny Alldays blower.
  9. Where I come from they use to say the farrier is a failed black smith
  10. I found it! I got black pigmint used for making crayons, its made from burnt oil and is super black, the wax is as black as a bucket of tar now.
  11. Cool thank you for that link, I think if I put about 20 of them in with my 20 kgs of wax should do it
  12. I have used crayons in the past but I want to make the wax so black even when you run a hot knife over it its stays black, Here is a pic of some of my old wax, It had some kind of heavy drty plant based die in it, enen when I bake the molds to ment the wax out they are stained black.
  13. Thank you all for the idears someone elce recomended cement dye, I just hope its not too gritty, I will also keep a look out for paraffin dye I don't know where I would find that here tho.
  14. I have been buying wax from the foundry for my lost wax casting and it was a dark green but I was given a huge bin of black wax the otherday and I found it was much better to see what I was doing when working it, it is all used up now and I just bought a huge amount of micro crystalline wax from an oil company but its a light cream colour My question is I want to make the wax super dark so even when I wipe over it with a hot knife its still black, is there some kind of dye I can use? There is a posability the wax I have has charcoal dust in it but the guy who made it carn't remember.
  15. If you see steel looking like this in most cases its mild, if it was spring steel or some kind of high carbon and you got it for scrap price your doing well, you could make tools with it. read up on the spark test with a grinder,