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  1. Got the hammer frame and anvil in, i can proceed with the rest of the framing
  2. Dug a hole about 3 feet deep for the footing, because of the lockdown reinforcing steel is not available as with cement but made a steel cage from scrap and got some builders mix and cement delivered as most places are shut.
  3. I am not get political i just think its terrible and i feel real bad, Keep safe
  4. I started making the bolt system for my hammer it has x4 7/8 thredded rods that drop down 400mm of box secion with nuts welded on the bottom, i will make deep caps for the bottoms of the nuts, all this will be welded to the reinforcing steel so the top of the box will be flush with the slab. My hammer cant realy use T bolts because it wasn't cast to use them. Frend just tore out a 7KW Nazel that used this system for 50 years no problems.
  5. Thats not good, yes the US has come off worse than any other place
  6. Everything has come to a standstill, the country has been covid free for a year but we are having an out brake and it a lock down time, i don't know for how long, i had a truck load of gravel and new springs for my power hammer which were coming but i don't know when i will see them, everything's shut for a week which could turn into 6 weeks
  7. They are about 35mm bolts or threaded rod they won’t be snapping in a hurry, I could use socket nuts for extra thread engagement, In would weld on a lot more steel to the frame, I can’t find anything suitable locally for concrete anchors
  8. Earthworks are finished, that spot is a lot bigger than it looks in real life, I got them done for free for repairing the digger trailer for the guy, I need to get the hammer and it’s anvil moved into the spot, and I am doing a deal on repairing a compactor for another guy who has a mechine to move it. someone drew me this plan for a way to hold the hammer to its foundation with bolts rather than have to lift it over studs. Getting power to the shop is going to be a pain, I wired up the old shop and ran 16mm2 cables underground from the house but this is too far from the house to do it, I will probably run an over head line to the power. We don’t have 110 volts, everything is 240v witch is nice.
  9. Do they still use it for fillings? I wonder what happens to the dentist after using it for years?
  10. Liquid Mercury is quite safe, you could xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Someone I know xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. mercury vapour is the bad one
  11. My coal forge I made when I was still at school.
  12. I cut 19mm from each link and ARC welded them back together, if that works I will make nice new ones
  13. I had an engine drink a lot of Mercury out of a vacuum gauge and spray it out the exhaust when I was 19, I am 37 now, apparently I have a learning disability since school, I cannot hold down a job but I have been smithing since I was 14 making all sorts of things but mostly sculpture witch has taken me as far as Korea and Japan, it was all done in that small shop in the photo. I think in the last 15 years my health has gone down hill but it has been really bad since I was 10, anyway we got some digging done with my friends digger
  14. I love fossil hunting, some lumps of coal I dosnt want to burn because of the nice ferns and stuff in them, most of my art is plant forms, I don’t think I have any Be/Cu, I may have a spring made from it somewhere.
  15. I had to not wash my hair for a week, then the hair samples are sent to Germany, it’s very expensive and not covered by our public health system so I have to foot the bill. I had blood tests done and they don’t show anything and they are not reliable, I even had a copper and lead test witch were both normal, the specialist was wondering did I eat a lot of seafood but I don’t because I can’t stand the stuff.
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