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  1. Tree has some kind of sickness where the sap can’t flow and will die, when my shop is gone it will probably fall over
  2. Probably to no tree forge because the big Kauri tree falls on my shop every storm and I have to pull it straight with the tractor and my shop wont be there to stop it next time getting to the point where I cant pull it back up.
  3. Its almost time for my old shop to be demolished for a few reasons and its upsetting people, I have been using it since 1998 and almost full time since 2007, new shop will be 100M on the other side of the hill overlooking the Pacific ocean and be bigger with a higher roof. I have no idea on the layout but my anvil stand and vice stand will be cemented into the floor and power hammer needs a 4 ft footing, will have fluorescent lights more power points, better bench, coal forge will have flue going through the wall and not the roof as this caused a lot of problems with water leaks in the current shop. I wont have windows as I smashed most of them my mistake. I think the coal forge could go in one of the corners and power hammer could go along one of the long walls and I would like to have my big leg vice not so hard up to the wall, I have to have it underway in a couple of weeks.
  4. I think the crank pin for the connecting rod has had it, it’s hard steel on hard steel, the grease nipple was missing so water got in, how stupid a couple shots of grease before dumping the hammer outside and it would be as good as ever
  5. Don’t worry I make videos for my YouTube all the time, I have a very xxxxxx internet connection and can’t use my phone data, i have a Vernier and a micromotor, I trained as a mechanic for vintage cars and motorcycles, I have pored Babbitt bearings, theses are definitely cast iron, I have one a scrape on the outside edge. No real rust putting apart from the back one witch has a mark from where the bearing shim was rusting next to it
  6. They are cast iron bearings, I don’t have a manual, possibly this hammer was made in NZ under license by Atlas, the bearing caps have round un threaded holes, witch must of had press in cups with felt on them? They had no sign of grease , someone must have swiped them at some stage. i am making a video of the features and I will make more videos of repairing the hammer and add them to my YouTube.
  7. I got it all stripes down and it’s outside my workshop, it has removable cast iron main bearings, the caps have holes in the tops, would they be lubed with oil from oilers? The central clutch bearing is lubed from the end of the crank shaft with grease I think
  8. I can’t think how I could actually make a template of the bolt holes? If I was going to make U bolts
  9. A friend of mine has epoxyed the bolts in for his massy 1KW and it has been fine for years, I was wondering about doing something like that?
  10. Would it be ok to use those concrete bolts on a 200lb spring hammer if I pore my own foundation?
  11. It is separate, I just bolted them together for transportation on the trailer to make it extra bottom heavy
  12. Anvil is all really off, I bolted it on loosely for putting it on the trailer, there is nothing close to me, unfortunately, there is no 3 phase power, and some of the roads don’t even have power and they are all dirt roads round here, I have a home made phase converter witch works well, todays task is to dig the foundation and look at removing more off the hammer. I have been thinking about making my own wrecker from an old Ute but it would have a big boom and a chain block on it just for moving heavy stuff around here.
  13. People reckon it’s well under 2000 kgs so with the anvil off I hope it would be ok on the skid steer, I will strop it on, it’s a tracked skid steer I might take the clutch and hammer off to clean them and thatbwouldnmakenit lighter
  14. I might have to A frame it off the trailer because it belongs to a friend and he just got it and needs it, someone was saying he has a skid steer that can lift 1000 kgs on the forks
  15. I am so rural and in the bush that a fork lift and hireing anything is almost out of the question, one guy had a go with a digger that was too light but another guy is coming soon to have a go with a bigger one, ground is very hard here it’s clay and rock. I have to get the hammer down a steep dirt road. I am going to put it in front of my small shop and extend the building over it, motor had been made to mount on top of the hammer but I will mount it next to it
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