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  1. Any advice on how to make a dishing stump? I was thinking about getting one of those chainsaw blades for an angle grinder and using that to make a hollow. If anyone has made one, an average timetable would be awesome as well
  2. I was thinking that as well. I'll probably go to Good Will and see if I can find something. What I have done looks nice so far, it's just that it took far too long to get it to that point. If I were making it purely for fun, it wouldn't be an issue. But if it were for fun, I wouldn't be making five of them
  3. I don't know if this is the right place, if it isn't then, mods, please move it. Anyway, I'm working on a project for school and I'm making a few shields. I need to make bosses for this, which are the metal circles in the middle which protect the hand. I started to make one and it was beginning to form into a dish, but it wasn't going very quickly. I was wondering if anyone on here has experience making a boss? Or perhaps a quicker method, as I have to make five of these. I would love any sort of advice on this. Thanks in advance
  4. As I get nearer to having a forge of my own, I've considered fuels. We have a sizeable woodpile in the backyard, so I'm left to wonder, will I be able to get a hot enough fire to work metal? Or should i really start looking into coal? I've made some rudimentary charcoal before, if that helps. I appreciate any information or tips!
  5. I've got an electric blower, so I'm thinking a bottom-blast forge large enough to eventually work on larger decorative items, but able to be used for smaller items as well. I'd like to be able to stick longer bars through so I've drawn out a sort of pizza oven opening with a big slot cut in the back to allow me to pass through. It's going to have to stay outside, so I also want to be able to cover the motor for the blower. I'd like a hood if you think it'd help with smoke. I've got a 6-foot fence, and quite a number of trees and houses provide sort of a wind block. Should I have A firepot sunk
  6. Sorry. I forgot to add that my dad has a friend who is a metalworker and has made multiple things for me in the past. Would a bigger forge, with a hood and sides to block the wind be better? Not trying to say anything about your expertise at all. I just want to make sure I'm doing what'll work for me. He's cut things about that thickness with a torch for me before. Does any of that help?
  7. Turns out there was a miscommunication. She's fine with a big ol' drum forge! My dad says he's got some pipe about the size of 55 gallon drum that has 1/4 inch walls. Any suggestions for making a bottom and stand for this monster?
  8. His money, his wants, his property. That's the bottom line, whether you like it or not. You have multiple steak knives, fork, etc that you don't "need". Are you being greedy for "hoarding" them? Seriously, folks, I've got a piece of rail for an anvil and you certainly don't see me whining about how someone has more. You don't need another anvil. So stop complaining and giving the guy grief over it.
  9. Well, I asked this because when I originally asked my mom if I could build a forge, she said she'd like me to make one that looked nice so it could be like an outdoor firepit. She said if I built it, she'd pay for the materials. Four months later, I've heard not one word about it, even when I bring it up. I've got everything but a pit and some tongs, which I plan on practicing first.
  10. You know, they COULD be fake anvils. Perhaps they're not.
  11. Well, it seems to me that as long as you're drilling anyway, just drill through, insert a small round piece of stock, then hammer the ends of the stock to wing shape. My humble, not yet blacksmith opinion.
  12. I've got a firepit similar to this one (Sorry about the long link :) http://www.zoostores.com/shop/catalog/product/view/id/515324/s/landmann-short-copper-scroll-fire-pit-outdoor-fireplace.html?lp&cat=1289&utm_source=Google_Base&utm_medium=CSEs&utm_term=www.zoostores.com&utm_campaign=landmann-short-copper-scroll-fire-pit-outdoor-fireplace&utm_content=Outdoor%20Fireplaces&mr:trackingCode=C2C13BB6-07D7-E111-B638-BC305BEDE924&mr:referralID=NA&mr:adType=pla&mr:ad=10620235383&mr:keyword=&mr:match=&mr:filter=20744709783&origin=pla If I
  13. Personally, the handles look a bit thin, and I can't really tell how much the pins stick out from the handle, but it SEEMS as though they might cause some discomfort after long periods of use. Just my thoughts. Loom pretty good overall
  14. i know that the eastern part has the Appalachian Blacksmith association or something with similar wording. I was down in the Red River Gorge area this weekend and spoke with a blacksmith demonstrating for a historic weekend. He said he was a member.
  15. This may be off-topic, but when judson said that a day isn't a very long time on here, it made me think of the Ents from lord of the rings! And back to topic, I don't know much about tools or anything, but I learned a while ago that it's better to accept help even if it doesn't actually help, so long as it isn't actually hindering you. Just take the posts as they come. If someone comments a year from now and tells you something about your tools that you still didn't know, would you complain about it?
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