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  1. There is a Farrier/Blacksmith get together July 16 & 17. all are welcome The Forge of July, Shelbyville, KY Welcome to the first annual Forge of July!!! A farrier gathering offering Mini Clinics, Hammer-Ins, Hands-On Help, Tailgate Tool Swap, Demonstrations, Presentations, Q & A, Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Eating. Location: Clear Creek Park 717 Burks Branch Road Shelbyville, KY 40065 Contact Person: Danvers Child CJF (phone: 765-491-2414)
  2. I've gone with a manifold set up with 2 40lb cyls. Still quite the welding machine. lean is definitely the way to go. A friend noticed very little dragon's breath and hardly much scale. Frosty, what is the recommended mig tip size for a 3/4" burner? it's made from a 9" nipple with a 2" SS flare
  3. tried contacting Dave through FB, haven't heard back
  4. Dave's video. I've got no trouble welding with this forge; it's the frosting that's the problem
  5. mine are 3/4" burners not 1/2", same as dave's. the only difference is I didn't use the quick connect fittings
  6. I guess my problem stems from the fact I've been running a blown Mankel gas forge since 1974 and never dealt with frosted tanks/diminishing pressure (unless the tank was nearly empty and 90% humidity/90f) before. so as a newbie with atmospheric burners I was unaware of their limitations. I tried lowering the psi to the 6-8 that I running my Mankel and never got nearing a welding temp and barely into a good forging temp. I forgot to measure the internal cubic inches, but will later today. So will a larger or smaller C I reduce this frosting up? the burners have .023 mig tips, would changing th
  7. I built a couple of Dave's burners after watching his youtube video. Built a box horseshoers style forge body with 2" of k wool and ITC100. I slowly fired it to cure out any moisture and put it to work. Well, it flat out is a welding machine. using minimal Iron Mountain flux. I have stuck more welds on the first try in this forge, than any other gas forge in decades. Now the PROBLEM; it takes between 15 & 20 psi to get this forge to that yellow welding heat and those burners draw propane so fast, a they will frost up a 20lb cylinder in 10min, 30lb cyl in 12min, a 40lb cyl in 20mi and a 100
  8. you can NEVER have too much air for these hammers. 2 stage minimum, 7.5hp is better than 5hp but 10hp would be better still. An extra storage tank helps. used air dryers are reasonably priced and worth the money to keep water problems out of your valves and cylinder. if you cheap out on the compressor plan on standing around waiting for air, a lot.
  9. try to keep your tooling short, under 1 1/4" if possible and thin handles are your friend when you miss fire
  10. can somebody give me the dimensions for the wedges for the top die of a newer style 50lb LG? thanks
  11. are you starting with coal or coke? use water with coal and the coke produced; using coke no water is needed or used
  12. an old, experienced guy with a conventional wrecker with extendable boom can do amazing things. I have installed and uninstalled both a 50lb and a 100lb Little Giant hammers though a 6' 10" door way without a problem. it's all about finding the guy.
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