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  1. I did maile for around 20 years at Ren Faires. Made a bunch of coifs in 16 gauge stainless,, they looked pretty cool!! Only made one hauberk, it took me a year to do that. And lo and behold I don't have one picture of them!!
  2. I want to modify the stand with wheels and a handle to make it easier to move about. Also make some decent tool/hammer holders on the sides. Rebound is pretty good and it has a very loud ring to it, louder then most I've played on. I haven't gotten around to using it yet, this one will be for when I have a group of people here for workshops. I already have the anvil of my dreams for a main shop anvil. A 475# S&H south German style double horn.
  3. I just recently picked this rare CES, California Electric Steel anvil in near pristine condition. It was manufactured in Angles Camp California which happens to be only a couple hours north of me. The gentleman I bought this from purchased it new from CES before 2000. Anvils in America lists this anvil on page 512. They only show that they made one size of anvil called the Model 200. Specs are as follows: Weight: 188 pounds. Material: 4135 Steel. Heat Treated to Rockwell 42-45c. They sold new back in 1997 for $551.25. As far as I can tell the foundry is still in operation but not making anvils
  4. I recently picked up this 168 pound Attwood along with a few other anvils from England. Rebound is at 60%+. Without the markings you would think it was a Mousehole with the triangular feet and how the underside of the horn is finished. Just doesn't have the MH handling hole on the front feet.
  5. Just a guess.... Maybe a late model Mousehole? I have one that could be this ones twin but at 150 pounds. Mine does have the serial number on the foot though.
  6. I have this PW that weighs in at 449 pounds. Its measurements are 37 1/2" long, 15 3/4" tall and has a 6" wide face. Hardie is 1 3/4" and prichel is 11/16".
  7. Here's a picture on my #4 just after I refurbished it. A #6 might be to big to go on a table with wheels like mine.
  8. I shot them with a clear spray shellac. Lasts a good long time. The one with the spike head up was done by accident. I wanted it to be the other way but made a mistake in guessing which side to make the lip prior to twisting. That one stays in my shop. I did score these deep with a chisel to give them the definition I wanted. And yes a good heat for each twisting.
  9. I agree with Kossy also. Best to keep it generic. My business logo is what you see to the left here.
  10. Made these recently. Wanted to practice doing the pineapple twist.
  11. Made these recently. Wanted to practice doing the pineapple twist.
  12. Here's my 8 3/8" Peddinghaus vise. Just finished the stand in this pic. I used 1/2" plate I found at the scrap yard for it.
  13. That is some nice looking reproductions that you have made! Hope you find the information you are looking for.
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