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Found 17 results

  1. Hello everyone, I’m Trevor from Southern California. I’ve been forging for about 12 years. I started out with self-teaching basics then took CBA classes at the Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum in Vista, CA for about 2 years. Since then I went on to finish a BA in visual art and an MFA in Jewelry and Metal Art. I love pattern welding, and the bulk of my MFA thesis portfolio is sculptural and wearable pattern welded pieces. I forge on my rural property, with a 100lb. Trenton, Chili 2-burner forge, and 50lb Little Giant. I also enjoy fabrication and will employ
  2. Hi Guys, Just looking fort some straight up opinions. I have an opportunity to buy a new style LG 50# mechanical hammer for $4500 CAD or potentially a Blu Max 110# for $4000 CAD. Both appear to be in pretty good shape. the blu max is only 7 years old with apparently light use. I already have a 5HP Ingersoll compressor to run the Blu off of and obviously I don't need it for the LG. Just curious to get your thoughts on which to bite on..
  3. In about a week I will have the opportunity to purchase a Little Giant 25# trip hammer, New Style, number H-6161, manufactured in Mankato, Minnesota. While I have done some searching and reading online, and this forum, I still have a few questions. From what I can tell in the pictures, the hammer does not look rebuilt. Are these type of hammers electric, I have read that they are, but would like some clarification? Is this hammer one speed, or can I control how fast/hard the hammer hits? How large of stock does it fit, I have heard it will work on steel up to 2"? What do I need to look out fo
  4. Guys, this is my first power hammer I finally test run. It's an early 50 lb Little Giant. Watching the slow motion video I noticed the toggle link on the adjustable side striking the ram. Is there something that needs adjusting or replaced? Any help appreciated. Reese IMG_6199.MOV I can't seem to attach the video.
  5. Finally safe at home in my shop. This is my first hammer so I have a lot to learn. It appears to be in good shape for an early LG. I ordered the Little Giant DVD set from Mr. Rice. Figured I'll start there before going amy farther.
  6. I just purchased my first power hammer. It's a 50 lb. Little Giant, serial number 4456. My question is it came with a 5 hp motor. Can I use this motor with the correct pulley size or should I go smaller? I was thinking the higher hp shouldn't matter as long as I am using the right pulley size? Any help is appreciated.
  7. Hoping for some advice on tuning a LG 50# hammer ( new style) I just received. Hadn't been run in a few years and clutch pulley was nearly stuck with old grease and would not release. after replacing alemite fittings finally pumped enough grease to somewhat free it. The original 3 phase motor is rated at 900 rpm so it looks like at best I can get 180 bpm with current pulleys. The ram was sticking at TDC until I loosened the top gib somewhat but it still seems to have friction there to change rotation where it is not smooth. The clutch does not grab as well as I think it should but s
  8. Hello everyone! My name is Alex and I'm from Russia. Decided to share with you my hobby and hope it will appeal to numerous audience of the forum.By profession I am an aspiring 3D artist and sculptor. In the past, worked on the restoration, but not hooked. Looking for yourself. As a hobby I'm interested in the era of industrial revolution in all its manifestations. A revolution in design which reflects the everyday life of a bygone age. And so. Once I got the idea to make some scale models as a gift to my friend the blacksmith. I decided to collect miniature black
  9. I bought a 25 LG (new style) and I'm trying to get it working. It's in fantastic condition and looks like it's hardly been used. It was probably last used in about 1980 ? I put a new 1.5 hp motor with a double pulley and v-belt drive on it, and when I switch it on, it hammers at full speed. I've oiled the blocks and all the oil and grease points detailed on the Little Giant website, and I'm not sure what to try next. Is there an adjustment screw for the clutch ? There is no visible wear on the blocks and there is just enough room to slip a thin business card between the blocks and the wheel (t
  10. Warning, lots of photos: I bought a Mayer 25lb hammer about a month ago. It definitely needs some work. Looking at it, it had a bunch of brazing performed on it and didn't have many bolts. It looks like I have a lot of work. The first thing I noticed was some brazing on the flywheel and a big ring had been sweated onto the flywheel. Pins were welded to the ram while both toggle links were connected. In order to remove the toggle links I have to cut the pins out of the ram. What I thought was a spring turned out to be a tubular shaped piece of rubber. Right, no spring. The toggle
  11. I have been a reader for way too long and its time to do some posting. I'm sorry to join and right away post a question, but I'm going to be that guy so here it goes. I have coveted a power hammer for a long time, and now I have run across a hammer that I may be able to grab. The problem is I don't know what i should pay for it. I know there are lots of post on this already, but they all give a rather large range of prices depending on the specific hammer. I was hoping that with some pictures someone on here may be able to nail down what I should pay for this hammer. According the the
  12. The flat belt on my LG 25 that I'm now using needs to be replaced. The belt is 2" wide and 53" long stapled closed as a loop. Does anyone have one to sell? Or, if you've done it before, what would you recommend as a replacement? Sources to get one would be nice, too.
  13. MobileHomeMiner

    Little Giant

    It's a Little Giant vise that I found in a barn that had no base... so I welded it one from a rail section that I've had for 10 or so years now and some trailer park scrap. The rail section was my first anvil so the face furthest the anvil is reasonably ground from it's original usage. It stands firm on the most uneven of ground due to it's three legged construction and has a hole in each foot so it can be more reliably secured. One of my most valued possessions.
  14. Oh man I got the hammer running today had to refit some parts and make a nice guard for the beast before I could stand in front of it. I did the first few cycles standing behind a couple sheets or 3/4 inch OSB….yep scary deal for me. Today was the first time I’ve ever ran a power hammer or even seen one run. I will say it was VERY impressive. I’m so happy I cut my shop floor out and poured a 3 foot thick 7 sack concrete base for this thing, that’s for sure. I see the need for a brake for sure, using it with top tools for furniture and fixture making and the like. I machined a real nice top too
  15. I purchased a new style 100lb little giant last week in Spokane and have a question. The hammer I think is in good shape except for one issue. The spider is not on the main shaft completely. The shaft is recessed into the spider about ½”. The key is also sticking out beyond the spider more than ¾”. This machine has been like this for some time. Some type of crude attachment is stuck on the end of the key, in an attempt to drive it in or pull it out. In order to take up the axial play in the main shaft, given the clutch assembly in out of position a large split collar was added to the main shaf
  16. Hi folks, I was just watching a documentary on Pearl Jam called PJ20 and at 00:15:30 they are showing the place where Eddie Vetter first practiced with rest of the band and the basement was below a blacksmith shop. You can see a trip hammer, post vise, belt grinder, and then a two horned anvil. I am a fan of PJ and was intrigued as to the smithy shop above their practice area as a reforming band after Andy Wood overdosed on heroin and ended Mother Love Bone. Check it out Netflix has it on instant. Here's a couple of screen shots.
  17. I just purchased a 25 Ib Little Giant along with Dave Manzer's 2 videos on tuning the Little Giant and Tooling for the LG. The problem I am having, after turning it on for the first time, is that I have to press my pedal all the way to the ground to get the clutch to engage. By the time it engages my pedal is pressed so far that my dies each other, rather than slowly descending. SO, I am not a very good mechanic and I don't have anyone local to ask about this, but I am guessing my clutch is not engaging because all the grabby stuff that should be on it has worn away. Can anyone help me identif
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