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  1. Alright so for my name I was going with JB Custom Knives. But that got taken so I went with JBowen knives but its taken too. I already have a touch mark with JB on it so I would like a new name that has JB in it or starts with that. Does anyone have a new name in mind?
  2. Is it safe to heat up the tang of the knife then push the antler over it so it fits? I've heard bad and good things about it, What I planned on doing is drilling small holes to guide it then burn the rest so its a perfect fit.
  3. So I made my first throwing knife (in the picture) and as you can see the steel folded and overlapped, I didn't mind it because it was my first try but I'm going for the second round, so any tips on how I can improve?
  4. So I'm looking into making some fork and spoon sets for camping and 18th century reeancting. Maybe a few for now days too. But I can't find any good youtube videos on it. Any recomandations?
  5. So I'm making a tomahawk with a high carbon bit in between low carbon steel. As you can see in the picture the steel hasn't completely welded together. Should I just put it back in The forge and try a few more times? Is there anything I should do before that?
  6. Mine is how the picture shows. Which would be if you hang your arms down your knuckles should hit the face of the anvil.. I think it works perfect...
  7. So I am a 18th century reenactor and want to start selling or trading some forged items but what should I make? Please send any pictures of what yall have made that would be 18th century correct..
  8. So i am 15 years old and have already sold several products and would like help with what i should do before i decide to actually make a business out of it.. currently i'm just trying to think of a name but any tips are welcomed. So here are a few questions i have. How do i figure out how much to charge for my work? Should i do custom orders or just sell it after its finished? How can i get more customers? What are some good books to read or videos to watch to improve my skills? How do i come up with a name? How do i come up with a logo and makers mark? How do i know if I'm even good enough to try a business? How do i know what will sell? Feel free to add anything else that will help... I know i'm only 15 so right now i'm really just improving my skills and trying to learn more but at the same time sell something every now and then.. i will also edit this if i think of more questions. Thanks!
  9. Michael, that's what I saw when they stack it and weld, then they will draw it out cut it down the middle until it's almost cut all the way through then fold on top of itself and weld it back and repeat..
  10. Thanks Thomas I didn't think of that. And most would be knives but I'd probably do mild stuff too
  11. So I've never forge welded before but want to start soon, would a fold weld be good or should I find something easier? (Also most of my welds would be for Damascus blades) (By fold forge welding I mean when you fold the steel on top of each other creating layers for those who didn't know.)
  12. Someone gave me a bucket full of horse shoes and railroad spikes, trying to think of what to make with them.. i could probably make a few hearts with the shoes.. what do you guys think?
  13. So earlier I posted about a logo and a bunch of people told me about changing my name because it has religious meaning to it so I am considering it. With that being said what do you guys think would be a nice name? I'm from North Carolina if that helps. Want something someone will hear and think it sounds cool and something they will remember. I'm not very creative so it's pretty hard for me. Thanks! Double post removed by your friendly Mod
  14. Thanks Kozzy! I will be considering that.