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  1. paradox1559

    Stainless steel ring.

    I made this ring for my dad this christmas. It's stainless steel, with a gold/quartz inlay. This was my first inlay, and I wasn't looking for perfection. However, I'm pleased with the results.
  2. paradox1559

    Ol' rusty build

    I'm excited to say I'm almost done with my little project. I tried to get a picture today, but it strangley blends in with its surroundings. Just one speed bump, I'm going to use a friction clutch powered by a 1hp electric motor. I just need to figure out a spindle to press up to the tire. Does anyone have a suggestion?
  3. paradox1559

    Leg Vise Mount Advice Needed

    Is that anvil made from the track seen earlier in the post?
  4. paradox1559

    Super steel/Damascus/

    I played enough skyrim to recognise deadric weaponry when I see it.
  5. paradox1559

    Gurkhas kukri

    After I had to repair the handle I wasn't too worried about the patina. I had to heat the tang to get it back into shape.
  6. paradox1559

    Gurkhas kukri

    A friend of mine gave me this kukri because he "had a bad vibe with it" The handle was bent horribly, and the horn and scales had found themselves removed. I'm a bit more that irritated about the gut ripper knotched into the top but there isn't much I can do. It was in desperate need for a light sanding(and soon polishing) I'm also going to re-skin the sheath since the old leather was turning into dust. An antique knife collector informed me that this was the Nepalese military blade of choice until they were absorbed by the British in the mid to late 1800s. Which would make sense of the blood staining the inside of the sheath. The best I can tell is this blade was made in the late 1800s early 1900s. I would love some more information if anyone can offer it, especially if this blade is actually stained with human blood.
  7. I'm addicted to his channel, he has so many informative videos. He makes survival look easy, although I think he's a level beyond survival.
  8. paradox1559

    Bliss\Punch press?

    I wouldn't mess with it, that is a very nice machine. I have access to one, and I came here asking the same question. It seems more practical to leave it as it is and find dies for it. This bad boy has no problem eating sheet metal for breakfast.
  9. paradox1559

    barn knife

    Well, that's a bummer, I had hope.
  10. paradox1559

    barn knife

    I have acquired some borium rods from my ferrier who wanted me to try to forge a hardened blade on one of these knives. I'm fairly certain borium is tungsten carbide suspended in softer metal, usually steel , but sometimes brass. Is it even possible to forge? I've seen videos where they try to forge a tungsten carbide drill bit with mildly explosive results. I like the idea, but I don't like shrapnel.
  11. paradox1559

    Ol' rusty build

    A buddy of mine works on heavy machinery, and was kind enough to bring me this section of axle that sheared off. It weighs about 40lb, so I was thinking it could go on the business end of my hammer ram. Then I can weld a mounting plate onto the end for my upper die. What do y'all think?
  12. paradox1559

    Ol' rusty build

    I think I hear it too, I hope its not tinnitus.
  13. paradox1559

    Ol' rusty build

    I know right rofl, I had a good laugh at that comment.
  14. paradox1559

    Ol' rusty build

    I found a wonderful dozer bucket pin for my anvil post in my local scrap yard. I'm going to get it cleaned up then weld it on tonight. It's 3ft. long with a 6in. Diameter.
  15. paradox1559

    Ol' rusty build

    At the most I think I would max out at 4inches I'm yet, I need to see what kind of stoke I'm going to have