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  1. FlatLiner

    repurposed steel

    Thanks for all the insight.
  2. FlatLiner

    Show me your anvil

    Nice anvil Ethan.
  3. Sorry if I'm sure this has been discussed here a myriad of times but with all my research I still can't find any answers to my questions. I've seen and read about Smith's in third world contries repurpose steel to make knives, tools etc. But you never hear about their products that they have made failing. On this and every other forum you are told to steer clear of repurposeing steel such as leaf and coil springs because of spring fatigue introducing micro fractures resulting in future failures of your products. What I'd like to know is if anybody has repurposed steel and actually had a failure? Was the failure pre existing or because of something the Smith caused? And if this is just an old wives tale we tell because this is what we where taught?
  4. Very nice documentation about your progress.
  5. FlatLiner

    A collection of improvised anvils

    I would love to have that anvil.
  6. FlatLiner

    Home made Anvil

    I like it as is. Start pounding hot metal for awhile before making any changes :-) here is a pic of my steel block anvil.
  7. Mark off with a permanent marker an even grind line then use a flap wheel on your grinder to grind it down even. In my experience shims tend to walk out on you.
  8. I didn't have that long of a piece of rr track so I mounted mine horizontal. I wasn't too worried though because I already had a post anvil.
  9. I laughed when I saw that add on KSL.
  10. Thomas I know a guy in Wyoming who a few weeks ago bought a trunkated anvil for $40.
  11. FlatLiner


    Beautiful work
  12. FlatLiner

    Double Horn vs Square Tail Anvils

    Awesome. I'm sure you'll be happy with your choice.
  13. FlatLiner

    Show me your anvil

    I really like my forklift tine anvil.
  14. Use the That is how I found a 125 lb sodofors for $100. Is a little banged up but rings like a bell with a 90 percent rebound.