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  1. I have liked that first anvil since I first saw it Caotropheus.
  2. Nice score Pepr. It's hard to find an anvil in our neck of the woods for that price.
  3. I saw that forge on KSL. If worse comes to worse sell it and build what you want or maybe knock out the refactory and rebuild it with kaowool with a 1/2" layer of refactory and a moveable plug.
  4. I don't have any info on the anvil. But judging on your location there was only one steel mill in that neighborhood. To bad they sold everything to the Chinese steel mills. Glad to see someone salvaged something from there before it was sold off. I'm from just up the road from you in SLC.
  5. Did I read you right Frosty? Your shop forge has 4 burners that are 4"?
  6. Interesting glue. I can't wait to hear how it holds up. Lars post some pics please. Sounds like an interesting way to deaden the ring.
  7. If I remember right forklift tines are usually some form or other of tool or hardened steel.
  8. Beautiful like usual. I hope I can get half as good as you.
  9. What a awesome find. Keep us informed on them.
  10. Nice find, I would love to find one of those. Upload some pics when you can.
  11. Love that French Rino Pig anvil. If you don't mind me asking. Where did you find it in the States?
  12. Biggundoctor you made my day. Lol