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  1. FlatLiner

    130# PW

    Awesome score.
  2. Interesting glue. I can't wait to hear how it holds up. Lars post some pics please. Sounds like an interesting way to deaden the ring.
  3. FlatLiner

    Scrapyard plate anvil?

    If I remember right forklift tines are usually some form or other of tool or hardened steel.
  4. FlatLiner

    More from a Old Man's Front Yard

    Beautiful like usual. I hope I can get half as good as you.
  5. FlatLiner

    Roman anvils

    What a awesome find. Keep us informed on them.
  6. FlatLiner

    Firminy “pig”

    Nice find, I would love to find one of those. Upload some pics when you can.
  7. FlatLiner

    Show me your anvil

    Love that French Rino Pig anvil. If you don't mind me asking. Where did you find it in the States?
  8. FlatLiner

    Wobbly Bottom

    Biggundoctor you made my day. Lol
  9. FlatLiner

    Show me your anvil

    I like it foundryguy. What is the projected price for it?
  10. FlatLiner

    Wobbly Bottom

    I was told this by a car windshield replacement company. Then I started noticing it on our products we had to take apart. It might be due to the fact that it is outside in the weather. But it doesn't explain why since our monuments seams are fully sealed with silicon also so supposedly water can't get into the seam. Maybe it's more pronounced in thinner smaller material.
  11. That is a bull set. Think of it like a 8lbs + chisel with a wood handle attached to it. It is used to break stone. You have one person using the handle to hold it while the striker strikes the bull set with a sledgehammer. I use this tool regularly in my everyday job. I don't know what steel it's made of but it's tough. It will of been hardened and tempered originally but work would of possibly work hardened it also. I would clean up the edges of the face and use it like a Nepalese blacksmith using a sledgehammer as an anvil. Here are some picks of the one I use at work.
  12. FlatLiner

    Wobbly Bottom

    I don't put silicon on anything steel. It has an acid that etches steel and causes it to rust. I have pulled apart allot of granite monuments that have been pinned together with stainless steel pins and silicon where the pins have completely deteriorated within a couple of years.
  13. FlatLiner

    Anvil Stand

    Try it out and see if you like it.
  14. FlatLiner

    what to do with a cupped anvil

    Good info Sly
  15. Why smashing hot steel of course ;-)