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  1. When I saw them I remembered your anvils Thomas, that's why I grabbed them.
  2. Look what I found :-) now should I make them into bicks that I can fit in my anvils hardy hole or make them I to stake anvils hmmm. The squared one is forged, the other was a union pacific railroad spike sledge. I'm not sure what steel they are made of but they are rusty and ring like bells
  3. That's a sweet anvil Nirve. Here are my favorite personal improvised anvils. 129 lb oil well drill hammer I believe it's s5, 65 lb block of s7, two 2" by 8" fork lift forks welded back to back for a combined weight of 260 lbs.
  4. I was going to leave them as is just with wax and tie them up with red ribbon to off set the color.
  5. I made some Christmas tree ornaments. Nails, Candy Canes, Icecicles, Wreaths.
  6. That's a good looking anvil. I wish I could find something similar down here in SLC, Utah.
  7. Ahh another tux user. Good to see more people seeing the light.
  8. That was an interesting hammer and sledge hammer they where using in the video you linked to Thomas. There's alot you can learn from these third world blacksmiths.
  9. Here ya go aaamax The pics don't do justice to how bad some of the edges where. After some pieces nearly cut me as they flew off when I was forging I knocked them down with a flap wheel. Now she has more curves then a south German style. I can find the right curve or radius for whatever I am doing. I know many people would fault me for it but for safety sake and the fact I couldn't find a decent edge on on the sweet spot(it looked like a saw blade on both sides down the whole face of the anvil). Here she is before and after.
  10. I would love to find an unbeatenup soderfors Frosty but I had to settle for a soderfors mangled by years of horseshoeing in the wilds of Wyoming. I couldn't pass up a soderfors for a good price :-)
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