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  1. Welcome Barclay03 always good to see a Scott on here. My great grandpa is from Cowdenbeath.
  2. I have always liked the look of the hornless Bavarian style anvils.
  3. I just remeasured it. It's actually 9" x 12" I might hang onto it and try it out as a future project.
  4. I was also leaning towards it being to much trouble.
  5. I have a large muffler from a full size pickup. It's outer dimensions are roughly 6 inches by 12 inches by 24 inches long. My plans where to cut the ends off, cut it in half, and make a forge that would be 6" x 12" x 12" but when I cut the ends off I found three inner baffle walls spaced at random intervals and tack welded to the outer shell. My question is does anybody know of an effective way of removing them with minimum shop tools? Or does anybody have any good ideas to remove them? Or should I just abandon the idea?
  6. I would leave the patina and just put some linseed oil on it.
  7. Sweet find A.R. I love my sodorfors, but it's in rougher shape then yours. I got mine in Wyoming. It looks like it had a hard life shoeing horses. I've never been able to find a date on mine though.
  8. I have liked that first anvil since I first saw it Caotropheus.
  9. Nice score Pepr. It's hard to find an anvil in our neck of the woods for that price.
  10. I saw that forge on KSL. If worse comes to worse sell it and build what you want or maybe knock out the refactory and rebuild it with kaowool with a 1/2" layer of refactory and a moveable plug.
  11. I don't have any info on the anvil. But judging on your location there was only one steel mill in that neighborhood. To bad they sold everything to the Chinese steel mills. Glad to see someone salvaged something from there before it was sold off. I'm from just up the road from you in SLC.
  12. Did I read you right Frosty? Your shop forge has 4 burners that are 4"?