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  1. Beautiful anvil. I am jealous. You have an awesome anvil collection.
  2. I used a file, it skates of the hardened face but cuts into the weld bead.
  3. There is an anvil and tool shop located down in Jackson, Wyoming. They have great new anvils. I have picked up 2 cast steel anvils in Evanston, Wyoming using the tpaaat method for $100, for the pair. One is a trunkated columbian, the other is a 125lb soderfors. They are out there just keep telling everyone you meet that your looking for an anvil and blacksmith tools. You'll eventually find something. If money's no issue KSL has listed an arm and hammer 180 lb anvil in Evanston for $1100. It's been on there awhile he might lower it if you ask nicely.
  4. How is the hardness of your old world anvil? I have heard they are a little soft.
  5. The inspiration for this cleaver was an old cleaver my grandpa had in his kitchen that was his grandpa's. It was most likely made by a country blacksmith. The spine was dented and banged up from being hammered through pig and cow carcasses, the handle was chipped and worn but it was still usable and razor sharp. I don't know what happened to that cleaver but we decided to make one in homage to that old cleaver. We wanted it to look like a country blacksmith made it and to have small imperfections because we thought it would add to the over all look. The blade is 5160, The handle is Mexican desert ironwood.
  6. I know I don't have as much experience as others but I am not a fan of the shelf. That's why I like Holland's Swedish pattern anvil.
  7. That's a nice looking stake anvil Charles, did you make it or buy it?
  8. I agree the Swedish pattern anvil is beautiful.
  9. The two things that turn me off about a kanka anvil is the waist looks extreamly narrow and pics from the bottom looks like it has a hollow horn. I've never seen one in person to confirm these two biases.
  10. Holland and Hoffman have 100 lb anvils. I'd look at them also.
  11. I spent 1/2 hour flatlined from a widowmaker heart attack. My memory can also be hit and miss.
  12. Using the tpaaat method I have been able to buy three used anvils for a grand total of $700. One is a 45 lb trunkated columbian, another is a 130 lb columbian, and a 125 lb soderfors anvil.
  13. I would jump on that one. It's edges are still good. It doesn't appear to be abused.
  14. Most likely you didn't do anything to detrimental to your anvil.
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