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  1. FlatLiner

    Where to get coal?

    Ok, we'll do. If I remember right the good stuff came out of the bronco mine.
  2. FlatLiner

    Where to get coal?

    Anvil Where in Wellington does your buddy buy your coal? I have to go down that way for work every now and then.
  3. FlatLiner

    Anvil stand build

    I like it.
  4. I was going to do something similar. I was going to use a sledgehammer head instead of a piece of track. I would assume that your plan would be fine.
  5. FlatLiner

    Anvil price/pound trends

    Not out in my neck of the woods. But if you keep your nose to the ground and ask around you can find one for a decent price. My only "real" anvil is a 126 lb swedish London pattern that I picked up for $100 because the edges where dinged up.
  6. FlatLiner

    It followed me home

    I haven't ever hardend or tempered S-7. Any idea how to harden it?
  7. FlatLiner

    It followed me home

    That is what I was thinking irondragon.
  8. FlatLiner

    It followed me home

    Picked up a block 5x5x7 of s7 steel today. Should I use it as is or attempt to harden one side to make a viking anvil?
  9. FlatLiner

    A collection of improvised anvils

    Nice to know stevomiller.
  10. FlatLiner

    A collection of improvised anvils

    Just picked this RR car knuckle up in a gas station parking lot on a work trip for free fifty free. I saw it and asked about it they said if you want it take it.
  11. FlatLiner

    1st forge build from propane tank.

    Good looking forge.
  12. Most metal scrap yards out here won't let the public pick through them :-(
  13. I would love to find a hydraulic breaker point.
  14. FlatLiner

    Rusty hammer build along

    I like your build. Looks like it works well.
  15. FlatLiner

    Found a new replacement anvil!

    Nice buy, my dream is to have a southern German double horn anvil.