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  1. I watched it on YouTube and gave you a thumbs up. The church window anvil is one of my favorite anvils.
  2. Most propane refilling stations have a "work shop" that you can buy the size of needle valve you need.
  3. You can hit up Jymmie Hoffman. I built a blown burner off his design. It's dirt simple but works great. It consists of 3; 1 1/2 T's, 2; shorter 1 1/2 nipples, 1; 5" long 1 1/2 nipple with one side smashed down to an 1/8" opening, 1; 1 /2 plug, 1; 1 1/2 by 1/2 bushing, 1; 1/2 by 3/8 bushing, 1; 3/8 needle valve, 1; 3/8 quarter turn gas valve with the apropriate ntp connectors to attach to your propane tank. You will need a blower with some sort of gate valve also. Here is a pic of his burner design.
  4. I really like seeing the anvils you build. Good luck with the heat treat.
  5. Very nice looking anvil. I like the size and the lines on it. Very well thought out anvil.
  6. From what I am understanding Anvil, the reason for the hardened high carbon steel plate or cast steel anvil is more for wear/longevity with the side affect of great rebound and slightly better forging characteristics.
  7. They look great like always. I wish you still lived out west so I could drop by and watch you work.
  8. Your translation was fine Thomas. Si Caballo bueno de lo que yo intiendo los yunques de Alemania van a romper sus bordes si trabajas con mucho trabajo frio. Es porque sus yunques son muy duros. Tal ves si conecta con unos de las fabricas de yunqes de los Estados Unidos puedan decirle cuanto cuesta para el envio para Espana. Buena suerte ojala que encuenta lo que busca. Yes, good horse, from what I understand the anvils of Germany will break their edges if you work with a lot of cold work. It is because their anvils are very hard. Maybe if you connect with one of the yunqes factories
  9. I drive past a rail yard about a dozen times a year and whenever I see a rail repair crew I ask them if they have any drops. I've walked away with some pretty nice drops for just a smile and question.
  10. If you throw it away, throw it my way lol. That's still a good anvil. I picked up a slightly smaller swedish anvil in Evanston, Wyoming for $100 that also has beat up edges. But you should be able to get a bit more then that for it.
  11. Love me a good pitbull. I've had two, they have been the best dogs I've ever owned.
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