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  1. Love me a good pitbull. I've had two, they have been the best dogs I've ever owned.
  2. I have been watching and learning alot from your videos, I am glad there are some of you that take the time to show how it is done properly in a video. I find it complements the books I have read. It is nice to see not only written but also in action. Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge and experience.
  3. This is one of my favorite looking anvils.
  4. 671jungle, if Kyle isn't interested in the forklift tine pieces I would be interested in them. Let me know. I'm in SLC proper.
  5. Kyle, check out Wasach Forge. Ask for Matt. He is the owner, they are on about 3300 south and 300 west in South Salt Lake. They have been on fif a couple of times and won. Matt always has tool steel drops you can buy to use as anvils. I believe he sells them for $.75 a lb. I picked up a 5"x5" x7" s7 drop in trade for a granite block. Matt wanted to try and forge on granite. Wasatch Forge also gives classes. I would invite you over but my setup is torn up right now so it's unusable.
  6. I can't even find the big Blu anvil on their website. Maybe I'm just blind.
  7. I wonder if the horn broke off and they ground down part of what was left so they could have a small bick.
  8. "Decent herd of wives" I laughed so hard I nearly fell out of my chair. I also have great grandpas who had spare wives lol.
  9. Welcome GrantStew8. My Great Grandpa is from around the corner from you. He was born in Cowdenbeath.
  10. Hola Jose, bienvenido al forum. Hablas bien el Ingles. Ojala que podemos ayudarle de alguna manera. Yo vivi en Tijuana por ano y medio, Ensenada por medio ano, el DF por un rato, y Mexicali por medio ano. Que caloron hace ayi. Cual colonia vives? Yo vivi en Colonia Benito Juares.
  11. Welcome, I'm not far from you. I'm in northern Utah.
  12. I'm in northern Utah but I have family in Phoenix. Welcome read up on the improvised anvil thread, sometimes its easier and cheeper to find an improvised anvil to begin with. I use my improvised anvils just as much as my "real anvil".