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  1. Smaller knives, tantos and rooster spurs

    They look good. I liked how you put the double strand turks head knot as the guard when you use para cord handle wrap. I also like the rougher forged look, instead of a nice high polish finish.
  2. Hello from SLC, Utah

    I hear ya DavidF on the anvils on ksl. I was lucky and asked around folks I knew in Wyoming and walked away with one. I can't afford what's on ksl either lol. Send me a pm I might have something to help you out. Do you have any left over kaowool or anything for forge building?
  3. Demo for church youth

    That's an awsome activity for them. Hopefully it all goes well.
  4. Hello from SLC, Utah

    No I didn't. I was wondering who my competition was lol
  5. Swedish mystery

    Thanks for the info JHCC. I'll do just that.
  6. 5 bar broken back seax

    Love the pattern weld and the design.
  7. Rooster Spur bodyguard knife

    I like the shape and design.
  8. Hello from SLC, Utah

    Nice to see someone from my neck of the woods also Davidf How long have you been blacksmithing? Or are you a greeny like me
  9. Swedish mystery

    Now should I radius the chipped up edges or find a competent welder to fill them? The radius es will end up being between 1/2 to 3/4 inch. I'm leaning more towards radiusing the edges. What do all yall experts think?
  10. One of My Last Nevada Blades

    Good looking sword, I love the basket.
  11. Swedish mystery

    I picked this anvil up in Wyoming for $100 it's pretty beat up but I figured it was worth it. I cleaned it up with a wire wheel. I think it might be a soderfors? It rings like a bell and has 85+% rebound. I can't find anothing that tells me when it was made.
  12. Hello from SLC, Utah

    I have been lurking on here for awhile and finally decided to make it official and join yall. I have been wanting to learn blacksmithing for awhile now. I look forward to learning from yall.