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  1. The two things that turn me off about a kanka anvil is the waist looks extreamly narrow and pics from the bottom looks like it has a hollow horn. I've never seen one in person to confirm these two biases.
  2. Holland and Hoffman have 100 lb anvils. I'd look at them also.
  3. I spent 1/2 hour flatlined from a widowmaker heart attack. My memory can also be hit and miss.
  4. Using the tpaaat method I have been able to buy three used anvils for a grand total of $700. One is a 45 lb trunkated columbian, another is a 130 lb columbian, and a 125 lb soderfors anvil.
  5. I would jump on that one. It's edges are still good. It doesn't appear to be abused.
  6. Most likely you didn't do anything to detrimental to your anvil.
  7. The steam hammer marks are like a finger print. As far as I know only arm and hammer anvils have them.
  8. Flynn I think I found the info on anvil fire.
  9. Nice anvil Flynn. Very rare find. It's cast tool steel anvil sold by sears between 1929-1923. It was cast by the columbian anvil company if I remember correctly.
  10. Lol Frosty, 1.34k subscribers apparently think otherwise. I'm sure if you started a youtube channel you could have large following also. I would love to see your shop and how you do things, no offense intended.
  11. I would suggest looking for an improvised anvil.
  12. I never found a date or any numeric code on my Soderfors anvil.
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