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  1. Thomas, I didnt get a chance to meet you, however I did meet your anvils. Finally found an answer to your anvil, it is a POWELL .
  2. It is a farrier's pattern Soderfors
  3. It is an American Vise & Scale Co. Anvil. It is a rarer brand that is not found often, looks in great shape. Cast w/ steel faceplate.
  4. I am not sure of the EXACT weight, but Mengel and Green have around a 803# Hay Budden, so it is not the largest, but certainly up there!
  5. Thomas, looks to be exactly like the "tall primitives" photos on Anvil-fire. I have seen several of these "footless" anvils from a friend who visited Europe once, and they are by far as old as this one is advertised as. If dated anvils from the 1600's have feet (I have seen several also), ones without feet are just as old if not older wouldn't you say? If you have seen medieval and Renaissance anvils, feel free to post pictures of them as others might want to view them including myself. Either way still a truly unique anvil, I might have to go for it myself!
  6. Thomas, Please post a picture of the sides of your anvil so I can take a look.
  7. Finally brought this home last week, total weight is 510 lbs with stand. As you can see by the stand, it was stuck in the ground a good distance. Good thing I brought the engine hoist to pull it out! Anvil will be for sale in the near future.
  8. I would check it with another scale, I picked that up myself, it cant be that heavy.
  9. Kashmire, Who did you buy that from? I think you bought it from me, I sold one just like it for that amount. If so, I picked that anvil up myself (barely) and it weighed around 230 lbs? And yes it is an early Fisher.
  10. Just curious, I got my tetanus shot the other day, Lasts around 10 years, how many have gotten theirs?
  11. I think you guys need to spend less time complaining about anvil collectors, a little less time complaining on this forum, and a little more time looking for them and maybe then you will find one!
  12. Just thought I would share the latest haul. Photo that was causing problems while linking to the gallery has been deleted.
  13. I currently have a 350# Fisher listed under the TAILGATING section for $925.00....If your source even wants to give me half of your estimate, I will be happy to take $2000 for it! :)
  14. He has collected these over a couple years in the SC/NC/TN lines. Unfort. Many of them are in bad shape, and the ones that are nice or rare, are not for sale.
  15. 100% a Trenton, Nice looking anvil, and not too bad of a price either.
  16. Just wondering if you were able to take a picture yet of your old english anvil. Thanks