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  1. Hello, Good find. Anvils In America by Richard Postman, Lists Hay-Budden anvils serial #'s 180,001 to 190,000 made in 1911. Hope this helps. Don
  2. Thomas, I saw the german anvil that Aron C bought really nice for it's age,and unusual anvil. Never seen so many camped before, been going to the Quad State since the last year at Mr. Studebaker's at Tipp City. Was hoping to run into you,think I met you several years ago. Did come home with 147 lb Arm & Hammer, could only be there Friday. Don
  3. Did anyone acquire an anvil at the Quad State this weekend?
  4. Southern Ohio Forge and Anvil 2010 Quad-State Conference is September 24-26, at the Miami County Fair grounds, Troy, Ohio. There were several anvils there today, one family has 35 to 40 anvils on their trailer, another fellow has 10 or more, others have some anvils also. More tail-gaters should arrive Saturday morning with blacksmith tools. If you are needing an anvil, should find one to your likeing at the Quad-State. Don