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  1. I would leave it how it is, now matter the reasoning behind the symbol it is still a piece of history. You dont have to be a sick bastard to collect pieces of history, no matter the time period or the actions behind a certain piece.
  2. Made this from an old Ball Pein hammer My link My link
  3. Thanks for the quick replies, ill give it a try
  4. Im finishing up an axe made from a bal pein hammer but I'm not sure of the proper quench, is it ok to use water or is oil a better option? Sorry if this was asked before, could not find anything in the search. Thanks
  5. First attempt at a knife with the hammer and anvil. Need to do a little more sanding I think but its getting there.
  6. thanks for reminding me, time to start again.
  7. Just finished the heat treating of the knife im working on, but now I cant drill the holes for the handle. This is a small problem that I cant get my head around. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  8. finally got around the finishing the hammer, I made the handle from walnut not sure how that will hold up
  9. Where did you get the contact wheel?
  10. Thanks any tips on where to get Satanite or any other product i can get to reflect the heat better. Thanks in advance
  11. At the moment I have some kao wool sitting in my forge so I want to put a coating on it before the borax has a chance to damage it, so would this work. If not suggestions are welcome hopefully local pickup. Thanks in advance http://www.canadiantire.ca/AST/browse/3/HouseHome/1/HeatingAirConditioning/WoodPelletStoveAccessories/PRD~0642704P/Imperial%2BHi-Temp%2BStove%2B%2526%2BFurnace%2BCement%252C%2B710%2BmL.jsp *link should work
  12. All right Ill give that a try thanks to all for the help. Erich
  13. Thanks for the replies I do have a forge, I took a class at NAIT with Shawn Cunningham. In that class we made a hammer but it was pre shaped, the only thing we had to do was widen the eye and round the face, anyway that tongs and a punch. I don't know the metal that was used then but when we had the hammers at non magnetic with put the faces in water and would rotate when the water evaporated on the opposite face, we then used the OA torch on the eye till we saw a brownish purple starting to appear on the face then quenched it again. I just didn't know how I would go about it without the
  14. At the moment I am without a cross pien hammer so I though rather then spending the money first I would attempt to make my own of an old sledge hammer, My only issue is when i took a course the teacher used an OA torch on the eye for the final hardening. That is my problem I dont have one so how would i go about doing this? also is it an oil or water quench for this metal. Thanks in advance
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