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  2. Highlander you must be a Republican the way you twisted what I said. All I meant was that they are very rare collectors pieces, and if you think they are just a tool they are not.
  3. These 4 anvils cost more then a lot of people's entire shop. They are strickly for collectors. I would be afraid to even hit them with a hammer as well!
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    50# Fisher
  5. cbl4823


    24# Trenton
  6. cbl4823


    70# Covel MFG Saw Makers
  7. cbl4823


    100# Trenton
  8. cbl4823


    57# Hay Budden
  9. cbl4823


    148# 1844 William Foster Coach Makers
  10. Here they are... Smallest Trenton ever found, 24 pounds Small 35 pound Soderfors RAREST ANVILS... Pair of 25 pound arm and hammers. 25 pounds is the smallest weight they made. Both are in mint condition. And the part that makes them even rarer is they have CONSECUTIVE serial numbers 51736, 51737. Wont find something like this ever again.
  11. I will post pics tomorrow once I get them out in the sun for some pictures. For everyone saying church window anvils are rare, they are not. I have a picture of a guy in Europe with about 60 of them in his yard.
  12. By "early iron age anvils", Do you mean anvils with no table?
  13. For all you anvil collectors and smiths out there...Whats the rarest anvil you have actually seen or heard of? Yes there is obviously a 900+ pound Hay Budden out there somewhere, and an 11 pound Hay Budden just sold on ebay for $3600. Ill post my find in a couple of days!
  14. Recent Acquisitions: 168# mousehole 202# mousehole 191# mousehole 50# fisher 130# fisher 220# fisher 175# fisher 35# soderfors 59# hay budden 110# Tableless Anvil 199# Peter Wright 100# vulcan 115# Peter Wright 3 post vices 20 tongs All of these were found within 2 1/2 weeks, if you look hard enough, they are out there.
  15. Even at $200.00 I still would not, maybe $175.00? I just had a guy tell me he wanted $1000 for 200# fisher..I had a 220# Fisher in the back of my vehicle I bought for $200. If you look hard enough they are out there for a good price.
  16. Its a Wilkinson and he wants $300 for it, I would pass.
  17. Nope, the Foster is normal and in good shape. The broken one is unmarked, weighs 148 pounds, I picked the broken one up for $20. I just bought an 1844 William Foster Coach Makers.
  18. Some of the Old English anvils include: T.HILL C&A Mousehole SMITHS Eveson & Sons P. Wright James Wilkinson Hadfield & Sanderson ALSOP 1842 William Foster 5th Foot The rest are mostly Unmarked and Pritchelless.
  19. This is my own personal collection. Many of these makers are very rare and very few (under a dozen or so) ever found. I buy and sell other regular anvils all the time, I often give leads to other people around the country if I stumble across some for sale or know of any. Hope I don't offend too many people with this collection!
  20. My Old English Anvil Collection, Minus The Hay Budden...
  21. I almost bought this exact anvil. The guy initially thought it was 50 Pounds and wanted $50. I emailed him to ask him to weigh it, the new weight was 70#, he then jacks up the price and wanted $100 for it!
  22. Many thanks BumpinThumpin, Tell your friend thanks as well and it was a pleasure to do business with. I recently lost his contact info, but I do remember he left some kind of voice mail on my phone about a friend looking for a certain brand anvil? If you private message me I can send you my email to give to him. My user name for ebay is Carnieboy426, In the coming week or so I will be selling 6 anvils, 8 hammers, 10 tongs, and 13 Hardies on ebay.
  23. Yea your right, it may not be a collectible item, he prob. only wants $10,000 for it.
  24. I highly doubt ANYBODY will be buying any anvils with the prices he wants... Anvil Ajax Rare 78 lb.
  25. Just picked this up today. A 70# Wide Face Farriers Anvil. Dont know much about them, has anyone ever used one? Doesnt seem to have much rebound to it. Also picked up this nice columbian vice today. Here is the Anvil listed new: Centaur Forge-Cliff Carroll 70 lb. Wide Face Anvil