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  1. Probably good that you bought it.....scarce anvil there....I had one. (see attached 701 pound Black Prince) Is he selling all his tools? If so, is he open to a visitor?
  2. Are you going to buy it? If not, would you mind giving me information as to where it is at? I'd love to take a chance on it.....
  3. weird.....I could have sworn it was marked "60"....its not located inside the shop, its waaaay outside on the hilltop looking over the river, pointed right at Mud Island.....is that the one you say is 500 pounds? If so, I guess I'm gonna go take another peak.....
  4. DAAANNNGGG......buncha fishers there. You could almost start manufacturing them again, Josh! Go for it!
  5. I know where another 600 pound fisher is.....its marked "60".....big ole thang!! It sits atop a small 4'x4' concrete slab, overlooking Mud Island in Memphis, TN.....I thought I had told you about that one once upon time a few years back.....maybe not though.
  6. Aaallllrriiiighhttt.....I didn't mean to start up a big ole bash session on Stuart!! HAHA.....I was just razzin' him really....still can't believe dead lifting a 700 pound anvil tho....700 pound dumbell...MAYBE, but an anvil obviously doesn't have much to hold onto.....If he did do it.....then he must have walked over to his forged and grabbed a handful of COAL and crushed it into a DIAMOND NECKLACE with that kind of grip!! haha However, if we're talking deadlifts....I once bought a 317 peter wright anvil from an elderly man and there it sat on his garage floor and all I had was my chevy blazer.....and though stuart won't believe it, I reached down and deadlifted right into the truck.....so hey, if stuart makes diamonds, then so be it.....he can deadlift a 700 pounder.... BUT ASTROPHYSICS!!!???? C'MON STU!!!!!! You're making us all feel inadequate!
  7. Cmon, Stuart.....dead lifted the 700 pounder? Yeah, and I just threw this 700 pound Fisher into the back of Mr. Kavett's vehicle.....just a simply underhand throw.... I've heard of picking up each end of the a monster anvil, alternating, and placing small blocks of wood under the base ends.....and then shoving it onto the stump.....but no way you deadlifted it.....it ain't like deadlifting 700 pounds of dumbells..... Did you happen to take some video of you doing this....back when you were 20? haha.
  8. Well well well, welcome home, 700 pounder....not you Josh, the anvil. HAHA. It was a pleasure meeting you, I really wish we could have visited longer, I love talking anvils. I've owned well over 800 anvils the past several years and each one meant so much to me.....what IS IT about anvils!!??? If I thought hard enough, maybe I could remember each one of the anvils that have past through my hands..... I am especially happy that this 700 is in your hands, now. Enjoy....and I can't wait to pay a visit to the Fisher Museum! Ryan Wasson Anvil Customs www.anvilcustoms.com
  9. Hi Joshua, Could you please call me, I may have something that might interest you. It's a 700 pounder.... Ryan Springfield, MO 417-766-8055
  10. Oooohhhh....SHIVER ME TONGS!!! I love it! One of my favorite characteristics of an anvil is a TALL step.....just makes for a beautiful profile, don't you agree!? Great looking 103 Trenton you have there.....That's good steel in that Trenton, many were made without such quality steel, but yours is very nice!
  11. Very nice little 90 pound Trenton with unusually tall step, a reworked Peter Wright anvil, and a small collection of minis.....enjoy.....
  12. Unfortunately, I am not the amazing artist behind that beautiful green painting.....That is how it was when I got the anvil. I'll try to post up more pictures of other anvils later....
  13. NOT a Hay Budden, its a Trenton anvil. Cast base, drop-forged upper.
  14. Yeah, it moves around a LOT.....especially since I'm a giant and I weigh 15,000 pounds so when I'm forging, the anvil falls off onto the shop floor sometimes....haha.... :lol:
  15. Doesn't surprise me. I'm not saying I have the biggest HB ever, just showing pics. I'm sure there is a larger HB than Mengel/Green's too.....there always is. Mengel/Green came to my place and bought a 50lb. Novelty IronWorks Power Hammer from me a few years back.....nice guys, they have some cool stuff. I still have a little miniture swage block they use to make..... Here's some pics of my 424 Hay Budden and a new 260 JHM anvil out of Texas. Hey, you all have a nice weekend....!! Ryan @ Anvil Customs
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