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  1. This is my latest addition to the collection. According to Mr. Postman, he has only ever come across one of these. It is marked "SMITHS"
  2. Never heard of a Big George...My guess is some kind of cast anvil
  3. MARKH... There is no such classes/majors here at my school that use the shop. Hence why no one is ever in it. There is a jewelry making elective, but thats about it. The metals Prof. is the one I emailed about welding and the blacksmith shop. I was going to take an easy free elective for welding, and they dont even offer that on campus, it is at some off campus person's shop.
  4. Im still holding out on trying to purchase it...Its at a college in Rochester, NY
  5. Wow...$14,000 just sitting there...Thats tempting... I have contacted the professor in charge prob. around my first year here, and he didnt really have an answer to why it is not being used. I do know however that none of it is for sale, and that the local blacksmithing clubs up here have been waiting to get their hands on the stuff for years and they have not been able to either. I spoke to an older man up here once at an auction, he said he used to go to the same school and that back in his day they had gunsmithing. Too bad you cant have that courses anymore now a days
  6. Paid $20 for mine...If I get enough together, or just another one, I was going to make a double or quad horned for kicks
  7. Here is the blacksmith shop on campus...I have visted this place several times, never have I seen anyone in there, or the stuff being used.
  8. More Anvils for the collection... 98# 1842 William foster....and an old english with broken heel