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  1. Here is the link you asked about: ANVIL MAKING good article for manufacturing or repairs.
  2. I once had to braize (yes, brass rod and oxy torch) a grounding wire to the side of a plate. no edge available, and drilling a hole for a bolt was not allowed either.
  3. I use a Hot Punch the blade with the name "Fenris Forge" in 1/16 inch letters. I also have one in 1/8 inch letters, as well as a "SLSELLS" in 1/16 for hidden on the tang.
  4. your guess is as good as mine. If you searched, I am sure you have seen many guesses from 1018 to 1080. no one can tell with out chemical testing and that is expensive to analize steel. even when we know what steel in normaly used, they can, and do still use others in a pinch
  5. With an unknown metal. heat to non-magnetic, quench in warm to the touch oil Test with file to see if it is hard, if not and sure it was non-mag, then redo the hardening process, using water rather than oil. We warm the quench liquid because thermal transfer if better than room temp would be. after you are sure it hardened, place in oven at around 350F to 375F for 2 hours (you can add a frozen pizza so the wife isn't upset at the oven being on), ou can temper higher but I suggest a 2 stage temper, this is the stress refeif. dont wait to temper because it may crack while you are waiting. IF you plan on heavy abuse to this, like hitting it with a hammer, I suggest using a torch heat the hammer contact side to high temp to soften this end a bit more, which should help to prevent chipping. Do not allow the cutting side to get hot. The easy way that I do this is to place the cutting edge into about 1 inch of water, while you heat the other exposed end. Heat the contact end to blule or purple.
  6. Steve Sells

    Steve & Cherese

    Me and my Wife of so many years
  7. Me and my Wife of so many years
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    My last band, I am on Bass
  9. I want to build one like this !!
  10. after all that dont forget the basic Oil.
  11. I admit that not having seen the vise its hard to guess, BUT have you really looked at the monster threads on a post vise? King Kong would have trouble cross threading one of those. try the warm oil.
  12. A guy I worked with last year was a lead burner, like walls for Xray rooms... He Used a hydrogen/oxy torch.
  13. Why should they? In one case it is a componant code the other is a construction term for loading stress. they are both using a different standards system. It is like why do we have ounces in both volume and weight? depending on what system you use you will have a different amount, thay will both technically be an ounce. Soo many standards for various reasons.
  14. All the children in the neighborhood bring you broken junk that would probable be better off thrown away, and ask you to repair it for them. and you do, with improvments :D
  15. .. wonder if I could use the Iron/steel dust below my sander/grinder and mix it with my Borax... the problem is that isn't only iron, its also bit of your sand paper/grinder wheel. So you have to decide is that other stuff going to make good steel?
  16. I just came to this post to steel his idea, Great one Jayco, I dont want a full electric blower, I have used them, and switched back to my hand unit. I like my crank, BUT when using coke for damascus welding, it will help a lot. this is the perfect solution.:cool:
  17. While most of my welding in done in the forge, I have a Smith oxy/acy set and a Century 100 mig I got after my Lincoln 175+ toasted a few years back. Not as good a unit as the Lincoln, but the price was right. Lincoln 400 amp arc/tig/mig tow-behind diesel unit I borrow when I have large welding jobs, but I want to buy my own stick unit soon. I priced a Lincoln AC/DC+/DC- at about $575 and the basic Lincoln AC only at $225, havent decided which yet. I use mainly 7018 and 6011 rods. any comments???
  18. Your grasp of the american language is great, If your teacher says other wise, We will "rip them a new one" in the most obscure slang possible and then YOU can translate it for the teacher to prove your mastery :D
  19. it may not help much, but I have a tutorial on my web site that may help a bit at How to make Damascus Blades 20 mule team works well, if your melting the steel, maybe your getting it hot enough, but not all the way through? I have had that happen a few times, when I am getting in a hurry.
  20. if it worked when he got it home its his problem. if after 3 weeks he still didnt say a thing, tell him mommy that. dont worry
  21. If I recall correctly: Didnt the Rulers of of SCottland try banning all weapons before? I.E. no one except the kings guard could have swords. etc. but that didnt seem to stop Robert the Bruce at Sterling Bridge... I guess he forgot to register his army:D
  22. thank you very much, I work at the web site adding bits here and there. As for my work, I see things with my blades that no one else notices. so I keep at it trying to get better. I agree I am very lucky to have a son that wants to spend time with me Too many men dont have that luxury.
  23. thanks for the welcome everyone. My son is a part time smith, but I enjoy having him in the shop. He is good at hand sanding and polish. Testing the blades at the quench tank, a file to comfirn a harden, then after tempering a over night freeze then temper #2. then the 1/2 inch rod test, chopping some wood and then shave the hair on my arm. not very high tech, but seems effective fo far. Steve
  24. I figured I should log in, and start posting here too. I am in Ft Wayne Indiana, 44 years old, father of 2, and have a 3 yr old grandson. Started blacksmithing over 15 years ago, about half my forge work is making pattern welded blades. I have 3 guys learning under me, in addition to my 12 yr old son. I smith under the name of Fenris Forge, after a having alphabet soup for a url I finaly got a domain going last winter: fenrisforge.com I think damascus is fun, and thanks to people like JPH I have a few patterns I do well, and have had some comerical success as a bladesmith. I prefer making historical blades from Europe and the middle east. My day job is as an Electrician, I am also an EMT and instructor for the American Red Cross, as well as teach Jujitsu. thats enough about me,
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