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    I have been Smithing for a few years, mostly experimentation, trying different things.
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  1. Now that`s a nice sharp looking cutter you made there!

    Big Bowie

    Ooooo!!! Lovely! that is one nice knife. A different shape to the blade than I have seen on most... Is that an actual style, or did you take artistic license? Either way, it's quite nice. Good work:) (I love all things sharp shiny and pointy). KELTOI
  3. it is very pretty, and shiny.. pretty and shiny... I still love it Jay. Way to go cousin of mine! sweet sweet sweet....
  4. I just thought that perhaps id tell people about a knife that i am making... I had a piece of round stock scrap, and after seeing a knife on a website, I goth the idea to make a knife that was one solid piece...forged handle guard etc, not welded however.SO far I have formed the grip and a pommel, and am working on forming the ricasso, and guard which i am planning on carving out of the flattened blade portion. This will serve two purposes... a)it will provide have the materials for the guard itself, and it will serve to help shape the blade. I don't any pictures of it, but When it is done I will post some, or if at some point soon I get the chance to take some... Anyway, I am quite excited to see how it will come out. KELTOI
  5. Now that is an elegant weapon, from a more sophisticated age... anyway, nice blade! very cool. KELTOI
  6. I don't have any picture of mine, but I will describe it in detail: I use a home built forge that is most likely not very economical were I actually buying my fuel, but since I use home made charcoal... It's base is a wrought Iron table frame about 1 1/2 feet high, and my fire pot is a steel mixing bowl about 15" across, and 6" deep. I use a hairdryer running on cool setting for an air source, and it is a bottom draft assembly. All just basic hardware store parts, made on the cheap. As a table top I have a piece of sheet aluminum with a hole cut for the fire pot to sit in. I haven't lined the bowl with anything yet, tho I probably should as it would make for better fuel consumption... But as is I can get it to white heat, and I have burned off steel in it. works for me... although a the moment, it is disassembled. If I get a chance I will try to post some picture. KELTOI


    Thanks! I have decent files, and a couple of grinders, but I prefer the control of hand work. I'll try the vinegar thing, seems like a good way to clean... Thanks for the tips! Keltoi
  8. As far as blade finishing goes, with limited access to power tools,( and I prefer hand work anyway) what would be the proper steps for finishing a blade? I figure work you'r way down through sandpaper grits, finishing with a fine grit, but as far as buffing etc? what would be the best process to get the best results in the shortest period of time?
  9. Very nice work. Much better than anything I can do. Brad
  10. crying till my forge is rebuilt...

  11. I am still alive! I havn't been here for a while, and posted even less recently... that would be because i havn't had my forge running since last winter... I really miss it, but my location really isn't conducive to lots or forging as I have no permanent place to set up shop. Hopefully tho, I will be doing some soon. I have been busy with some armouring of late tho which involevs somewhat large amounts of leather work, not a whole lot in metals at the moment. So pretty much, I wanted to let people know that I'm still around! Keltoi
  12. Hey all... Just wondering, what would be better...A pre-fab forge hood, or a hand made, or is there really any difference? May be irrelevvant... Lemme know please!
  13. KELTOI


    I'll give all this stuff a shot!
  14. well, I already go through A fair amount of charcoal per session which is usually 2-4 hours, so If corn could save me anything, weither it be time, or give me longer burn with less it would be nice...I use homemade charcoal, but the rate at which I burn through it, and the rate at which I produce are very different...I produce on rather small scale, so, corn could be the thing to do...